Try to Have Quality Time with Your Kids During the Holidays 

In a month, how many days do you spend with your kids? Do you consider those days as time well spent? Perhaps, you spend most of your hours at work. As you arrive home, your kids are already asleep. If you come home early, you take some of your work home. As a result, your kids end up not getting any quality time with you. 

Before you know it, the kids already start drifting away. If you don’t spend time with them, it is perfectly fine for them. They will go back to playing games or chatting with their friends. Therefore, during the holiday season, make sure that you clear your calendar. It is the time of the year when you don’t have a lot of work to do.

Make sure you spend this time with your kids. Let them realise that you are still there, and you want to spend more time with them. Once the holidays are over, you will go back to your regular schedule, and finding quality time with your kids will be impossible.

Go on a vacation 

Since you have more time on your hands, why don’t you go on a holiday? There are a lot of exciting destinations during Christmas. It is more expensive to travel during this period, but you should still pursue this trip. You can always make last minute reservations if you want to make it happen. You don’t even need to go far. There are destinations near you that they will still enjoy.

Cook at home

Do you still recall when you were young, and your entire house smelled fantastic? Your mom baked a lot of pastries in the days leading up to Christmas, and you enjoyed those treats. Why don’t you keep this tradition alive? This time, you can include your kids in the process. Ask them what they want to eat, and you can cook with them. They can learn how to mix the ingredients, or at least assist you in preparing the meals. It is also another way of teaching them a valuable life lesson.

Write a letter to Santa

It is a fun activity where you pretend that you will send the letter to Santa, and the letter contains the gift they wish to receive for Christmas. The letter also includes the good deeds they did during the year, and why these deeds merit a reward. They can be creative in presenting their letter. Of course, you don’t necessarily send it to Santa, but it makes them feel great that they are giving this letter to their favourite character. They also have the chance of getting an actual gift. 

You can buy a letter from Santa UK to show them. Tell them that Santa already replied, and they might get a gift because he read their letter. Make sure that you emphasise the idea that this letter from Santa is all about pointing out their good qualities, and not about asking for a reward for being nice. 

With all these activities lined up for the holidays, the kids will be over the moon.