Why Midsize Sedans Are Still A Favourite For Canadian Buyers

For many years now the most popular type of car in Canada has been midsize sedans, and car companies, aware of this, will often highlight these sedans, as well as trucks, for the Canadian market. So why is it that Canadians love a sedan so much? And why are the most popular cars sold in Canada each year, those like the 2012 Nissan Altima, rather than hatchbacks or any other vehicle type? To understand a little bit more as to why sedans, midsize in particular, are as popular as they are in the Great White North, let’s look into the reasons behind this choice.

Smart Sedans

Not so long ago, sedans were losing out big time in the Canadien market, as more and more SUVs were being sold. After all, why bother with a 4-door sedan which has limited cargo space, when an SUV can give you as many seats, if not more, as well as giving you enough space for  plenty in the trunk? Car manufacturers reacted to this and have introduced many new and improved sedans, which offer all of the benefits of a large car, with the additional inclusion of extra trunk space, and even additional seats which can be folded out.

Not All Big Families 

Much like in other areas of the world, the amount of children which many new parents are having together has greatly decreased, which is exactly why the sedan often fits the bill for small families with just one or two children. Equally, those with smaller families generally carry around less luggage, so there is little need for an oversized vehicle such as an SUV.

Circle of Life

The car market will always react to low sales in one particular sector, and the result of this is that the popularity of each car type is something which is something that always comes back around. History has shown us over the years that certain vehicle types become relatively unpopular, and then recover to have a surge in popularity once again. The sedan is the only exception to this rule however, right now the sedan is the 3rd most popular vehicle choice in Canada, a similar position to where it always has been. The constant nature of the sedan’s popularity, ensure that you don’t get these peaks and troughs that you get with hatchbacks or SUVs, which is why it is a car that manufacturers know that they can count on selling.


We have the most eco-conscious generation right now, and given that the sedan is the vehicle which offers the widest range of eco-features, it makes sense that it has seen a rise in popularity amongst the greener car buyers. Of course all car models doff their caps to making their cars more eco-friendly, but when it comes to a sedan we see more features than any other vehicle type, thus ensuring that it stays popular throughout Canada.