5 People That Became Millionaires Just in a Second in 2018

Winning a game is the main priority and at times practically the only reason why players join casino gambling sites. It has never been easy for a player to win since the gambling industry started. This is because the house (the casino) is designed to always win. Now it’s very tough to win at any casino game with counter-measures in place to ensure players don’t gain an advantage over the casino. A good example is the Blackjack game. The game has undergone numerous changes in its measures to deter players from using tricks to win the game.

However, as strict as a game may sound, there are always winners. There are ways players can find an edge to win in casino games. Some rely on superstitions while others have opted for quick and easy schemes that require strategies and knowledge of science. Some of the tactics most winners have used include promo codes and offers as well as:

  • Sheer brute-force technique
  • Card counting
  • Playing progressive jackpot games
  • Using affiliate software programs

Nearly all gamers appreciate a win of any amount no matter how small. The hope of people joining gambling is sometimes based on winners. Winning reassures new casino players of standing a chance of making millions from just a small investment. People like Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo, Elmer Sherwin, and Conor Murphy among others are an inspiration to all players worldwide that winning is possible. Although some dream of becoming millionaires overnight, most people end up being disappointed by the reality and end up giving up. But some are very lucky to become millionaires just in a second. These are five people who bagged millions in just seconds in 2018:

  1. Brandon Stevenson – Online Mobile Jackpot

Brandon, a twenty-year-old student at St. Paul College, won one million jackpot in a lottery using an online app to purchase a Powerball ticket a short time after its launch. The CEO of Jackpocket, Pete Sullivan, was quoted saying that the lottery was not an online gambling site. He also said that there were people who go into brick-and-motor to buy the tickets. Mobile lottery apps help the lottery reach residents such as this winner, who usually don’t buy tickets. With the advancements in modern technology, mobile gambling destinations offer a wide range of high-quality casino games that are perfectly designed to run on any mobile device, from slots to Poker, http://onlineroulettewheel.co.uk/ to Baccarat, Keno to Blackjack.

  1. Zetheriver- Poker

Zetheriver was able to turn a mere ten dollars into a jackpot win when he landed five jackpot king icons. The Norwegian player entered the bonus game and hit the necessary crowns combo to unlock a super spin. This made a substantial guaranteed return to the player’s investment money and proceeded to unlock the Jackpot King star prize exceeding one million, six hundred and eight thousand dollars. The player was quoted saying that when the wheel stopped, he thought for a split second that the software of the game had frozen. However, a congratulatory message appeared followed by the amount funded to his account. This gambler stands as a testament that engaging in steady poker play can sometimes change the odds in your favor to walk away with a big win.  

  1. Manuel Ortiz -Blackjack   

This land-based gambler walked away with one million just by betting five dollars at Maryland Casino. He won the jackpot in Super 4 Blackjack at the Hanover Live Casino. A normal jackpot has a definite payout, but in a progressive game, the amount rises as players indulge in the game. A small percentage of each win, which is usually no higher than ten percent, feeds the jackpot. Progressive slots are all online slot machines that have a jackpot that accumulates as the players and wagered amounts increase attached to them. A progressive jackpot is linked across many online games or casinos and when a player places their wager, a small percentage, which is usually not more than ten, is pooled to the prize.

  1. Lyle (Florida)- Slot Machine

This Florida based man was only playing for twenty minutes before he struck gold. Lyle increased his fortune by over one million after playing pokies at the Cosmopolitan in Sin City. Lyle was at a Simpson’s slot machine when he struck one million and thirty-three thousand dollars. He managed to line up three matching rows of jackpot icons which led to a win of over one million and thirty-three thousand. Slot games are available in almost all casinos, and any player has a chance of winning.  

  1. NetEnt-Made Millionaire

This UK player, who chose to remain anonymous, won two million, five hundred and thirty-three euros plus at SlotsMillion Casino that was in a game offered by NetEnt. The player was said to have joined SlotsMillion only a few days before winning the amount. Mega Fortune is a progressive slot that boasts offering some of the most impressive gaming wins. The set holds several records including the biggest mobile win in 2015 (eight point six million euros).


In any form of betting, be it online or land-based, any person stands a chance of being a winner. When users play smart, and thoughtfully, they never know what might happen. Combining academic theory with ambition, players can gain an edge in the games and stand a chance of winning. Any player can become an instant millionaire even on the first day of joining.