One Day In London? Here’s What To See

One day in London doesn’t sound like very much when you consider the sheer volume of things which you can do in the city, but sometimes with time constraints, that may be all that you have. Last month my buddy S R Buzzi had a week in England and decided that we would do one day in London, it was a mad dash and certainly not a relaxing day, but we did manage to see plenty of landmarks and exciting things and I thought I’d share with you our itinerary, if you too were planning on spending a day in the British capital.


Assuming tat you’ve had an early start, the first ting to do is indulge in what is called a greasy spoon breakfast. These are traditional cafes which you’ll find throughout London, with no frills, that serve up a wonderful, and ever so unhealthy breakfast. Close to King’s Cross station you will find the Double Six cafe, around 10 minute walking distance away and a perfect place to start the day.

Buckingham Palace

The iconic home of the Queen of England is just 3 stops away from King’s Cross, take the Picadilly line to Green Park and then follow the signs down to the palace. From here you can either pass back through Green Park to get to Hyde Park, or alternatively you can walk up the street leading to the Palace, which will take you to Westminster.


Westminster is a great place to stop next, here you will find the British Parliament buildings, the London Eye, Tower Bridge and the iconic Big Ben clock tower, the perfect place to tick off some landmarks, without traveling too far. Westminster also sits on the river and you can take boat tours from here if you so wish.

Oxford Street

Oxford Street is the famous shopping street in London and it is where you’ll find famous shops like Liberty and Selfridges. You can get here by tube from Westminster with ease and speed as it is only 4 stops away from Westminster. At the top of Oxford Street is Marble Arch and Hyde Park, and at the other end you’ll find Mayfair and Park Lane, the high class and well to do locations in the city centre.

Final Stops

As the late afternoon draws in, I’d recommend that you head down to Leicester Square, a busy junction with lots to see and do. From here you can walk to Trafalgar Square and see Nelson’s Column, before heading to Covent Garden to see all of the famous London theaters and some very cool, and quaint markets. From Covent Garden you are just 2 stops away from King’s Cross so you can stay there until you need to go for your train, in a nice environment and safe in the knowledge that you are not far from the train station.

It will be an action packed day for sure, but at least you can see plenty of iconic attractions during your day.