Where Should You Be Investing Your Money?

I have been investing for around 10 years now and one of the most common questions that I am asked by friends and family, is where I think that they should put their money. The answer to this question is not easy and there are many different factors to consider. The first thing to think about is that you should only invest in something that you understand, it is pointless buying bank bonds if you don’t understand how the system works. Assuming that you are ready to learn before investing them, here are just some of the places that I would put my cash if I were you.


The hottest topic of the year is without question cryptocurrency, a new form of money which is going to drastically change the way in which we view economics. Thankfully for me, I got in quite early after a tip from the great guys at brokerage firm Prescott Regency. Many people think that they have left it too lat to get involved in cryptocurrency but my belief is that there are still many options for you to make some strong returns on your investment, especially looking at the likes of Epherium and Litecoin. If you want to invest in the hottest thing to date this is where to put your cash.

Real Estate

I would always recommend bricks and mortar as an investment because it is one of the most stable and potentially profitable ways to invest your money.

With a real estate investment you can have regular money coming in via rents, you can sell it when the market is high, and you could even buy at auctions, do the place up and then flip it on the market for a quick sale. There are many options with regards to real estate investment and I would say that this is probably the safest bet. Make sure that you have a full understanding of the real estate market and its impacts before you part with your cash.

Oil Futures

My latest foray into the world of investment has been buying oil futures, so far I have made a small profit but I am learning an awful lot. In a nutshell, an oil future is a contract which predicts the price of oil on a date in the future, if the oil is more expensive when the contract expires, you are guaranteed the price on your contract, if it is below, you have lost your investment. Some people will buy and sell these contracts as their values go up and down, personally I am waiting for the first 2 to expire, and I am using it as a learning curve. There are some great profits to be made from investment in oil futures and as long as you know what you are doing, you could turn a small investment into a very healthy profit.