Great ways to improve your home

A new year brings endless opportunities and for many of us, 2016 will be the year we make improvements to our home. Whether these be large or small, every improvement can has significant financial value to your home, as well as impacts on the way it is used. We have looked at some of the very best ways to make improvements to your home, which will have the biggest benefits.


Converting the loft

For some homeowners converting the loft may not be an option, but if you are short of space and love the location your home is in, adding a loft conversion could well be a great way to find that extra space. Loft conversions are particularly good for families with multiple children who want a bit of space, or if you decide you want to have a home office. Other reasons include a play room, to a guest bedroom and much more. Whatever the reason, a conversion can add considerable benefit to yourselves and money to the resale value.

Changing the back doors

Making an alteration to the back doors, like adding bi-folding doors is a common new home enhancement. The addition or changing of patio doors to bi-folding doors is one of the most sought after methods of alteration because of the many benefits it gives. As well as making your home look superb, you can create the freedom of movement between the external living space and your home easily. The fact that they are so much in demand means they add financial value to your home as well.

Redecorate your home

A simple touch of paint can give your house a new sense of life. Designers will always talk about how colour can make your home appear different and that has never been truer in the modern age. By using whites or creams you can give the sense of depth and space, and make your whole house look lighter. Redecorating the accents in your home can change your space as well. Gather ideas from the Internet or home design magazines. Turning your photos or children’s artwork into a framed print is quite attainable online and can create a stunning gallery wall above your staircase. Changing light fixtures and rugs can also make a huge difference. 

Redo the garden

Redesigning the garden or making it a space that you can use more effectively is a great way of improving your home. Many families leave the garden to the last thing to do after internal developments, but you can significantly improve the personal appeal of your home with a great garden. If you love entertaining with friends, having a patio area outside, that you can access through bi-folding, sliding or patio doors, is another great way to impress your friends and use your home.

By new furniture

Everyone loves something new and furniture is one of the easiest methods to completely revamp a room. The simple change of sofas to seats or bean bags to sofas can give the whole pace a different outlook and revolutionise how you use it. A good example is a sofa bed which can make a room a bedroom for guests, but keeps large space for children to play or yourselves to relax of an evening.

These are just some of the many ways in which a house can be developed in 2016 to add value to your own lifestyle and the financial side of your home.