What does the colour of your garage door say about you?

For many homeowners, the aesthetic look of their home from the exterior is extremely important. That means that everything from the front door, windows, garage and even guttering comes into play. A concrete garage in particular contributes massively to curb appeal, and that’s because it’s such a large and eye-catching part of the exterior to a home. Because of that, a lot of people up and down the country take the time to paint their garage door on a yearly basis to ensure that it looks clean, tidy and pleasing to the eye.


But have you ever wondered why you pick certain colours to paint your concrete garage door? The choice of colour says a lot about a person, with each representing their own meaning. Luckily for you, we have prepared this article to explain what different colours mean and what sort of person will generally pick them:

  • Orange – known to expand a viewer’s thinking, this colour has been linked to reducing self-consciousness in a number of people throughout the years. Generally, expressive, youthful and confident people will pick this colour of laughter and celebration, looking to spread their positive thinking everywhere.

  • Yellow – said to increase focus and enhance intelligence, yellow is a colour that is as bright as the sunshine. Those who chose a yellow for their concrete garage door are known to be confident in themselves, motivated and good at making relationships.

  • Deep blue – the choice of colour for clear thinkers, deep blue is known to cut through the clutter and encourage efficiency. What’s more, it’s a great colour to have in the winter as it won’t show dirt and dust as much as lighter colours.

  • Green – a popular option for homeowners who love nature, green is all about freshness, growth, wildlife, and health. Green can come in a vast range of shades, so pick the one that best suits the rest of your home!

  • Light purple – generally associated with people who are more spiritual, light purple is known to give a fresh perspective to viewers.

  • Bright red – always a colour associated with danger or war, red has many meanings. It can also mean fearlessness, confidence and love. Chosen by the most ambitious of people, red is always a good option for a concrete garage door.

  • Light blue – a tranquil colour that can dissolve tension, light blue is picked by those wanting an easy and relaxing life. Linked to peace and harmony, it’s easy to see why a lot of people pick this colour out of them all.

If you still haven’t picked a colour and the above don’t tickle your fancy, head to any local DIY store to see an array of colours perfectly suited to enhance the exterior of your home. A painted garage door can turn even the simplest of concrete garages into an eye-catching feature of your property, so get looking as spring is just around the corner to allow you to improve the curb appeal of your home once again.