What’s Affordable, Stylish, & Easy To Apply? A Protective Nexus Skin!

You bought Google’s flagship phone for a reason. It looks great and performs even better. It’s all metallic design gives a cold, industrial look to a pretty powerful Android, with a quad-core Snapdragon 808 chip and 6.0 Marshmallow OS under the hood. With its premium style and optimal specs, you want to keep it looking good for as long as possible. But after shelling out a few hundred bucks on your latest phone, you don’t have it in your budget to pay for an expensive cover. Luckily, the best form of defence comes in an inexpensive and stylish package—a 3M vinyl skin!

Nexus skin

Vinyl isn’t just for your record player anymore. Reputable online retailers can now manufacture it for your Android too, refining it into a much different and more durable material than what you’d play for music. The vinyl used in a Nexus 6P skin is flexible enough to wrap seamlessly around your exposed phone, leaving only the touchscreen uncovered; and, if you remember from your manual, the screen and its 5.7 display is reinforced by Gorilla Glass. It’s also strong enough to match the Gorilla Glass, protecting the bezels and aluminum body of the 6P from scratches, dents, and nicks.

Its powerful protection is simple enough to apply, and many skin users compare it to a sticker. Without any additional clasps or glues, the 6P skin will adhere to the body of the phone. If you’re suddenly having flashbacks to your Lisa Frank phase and all of the crooked stickers ruining your toys, take a deep breath and relax. Nexus 6P skins are incredibly easy to remove in case you mess up its application, and it won’t leave behind any tacky residue that could interfere with its second (or third or fourth) application.

Eventually, when you get your skin lined up perfectly, it will accommodate for all of the buttons, fingerprint scanner, ports, cameras, and speakers that the 6P touts. It will never interfere with the function of your phone. If anything, it will enhance your Nexus, as the best quality 3M vinyl comes in a variety of styles that you can customize to your liking. You can choose from true colours and textures until you’ve found the ideal combination. Whether that’s a sombre black matte to go with all of your outfits or an eye-catching yellow and red match-up—that’s up to you!

Or, you may do what many Nexus 6P owners do. When the cost of a full skin (one that includes the ‘X’ and the Nexus logo in addition to its body) is inexpensive, you can easily stock up on a few 3M skins for your Nexus 6P. You can get a design for different moods, seasons, and occasions and switch them out as you see fit. Not only will you keep your phone stylish but you’ll keep your friends on their toes—always guessing which skin will show up next. But no matter what colour or texture you choose, you can rest assured your phone and all of its impressive features will be protected.