6 Reasons Why Vinyl Wall Art Stickers Are Such a Big Trend in Wall Decoration

There are lots of ways to make a blank wall space into an interesting feature in your home, from putting up shelves, using a different colour, buying artwork or going retro with movie or band posters. However, one thing that has been becoming a lot more popular in 2017 is the use of vinyl stick-on wall decals. Companies likeLove-Sticker offer a huge range of these decals for everything from sophisticated living rooms to fun themed kids’ bedrooms, and it’s a trend in interior design that is being picked up by people with all different tastes and design styles.

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Here are just six of the reasons wall decals have caught on so well:

Official Images

A lot of wall decals, especially for kids’ rooms, allow you to have images of licensed characters from TV, cartoons, movies and comics on your walls. While you can of course also do this with posters and prints, the decals can provide a unique look that is also a real impression of a character by its creators, rather than a slightly off, unofficial one. This makes quite a lot of difference when it comes to the characters and design styles kids love from their favourite films and programs.

Instant Transformations

A wall decal is easy and quick to apply, and has the effect of instantly transforming the wall. This makes them popular, because achieving a similar effect directly on a wall by painting or even stencilling would take a lot longer, and far more creative skill. With vinyl stickers, anyone can get the look of a fantastic mural without being able to paint at all – and in minutes!

Easy to Change

Another reason why wall decals are popular is that they are much easier to remove or replace than effects painted on to walls. If your child outgrows the character they loved last year, or thinks they’ve gotten a bit old for the cute teddy bear theme that seemed so sweet when they were a toddler, it is easy to change it and you won’t have to repaint the whole wall. Equally if you are changing your décor scheme in your living room, you can easily replace your wall decals with something that suits your new aesthetic.

Durable and Waterproof

One thing that families have to especially consider when redecorating is how child proof the new design will be. Every parent knows how easy it is for a room to be ruined, and there’s nothing worse than redecorating a room with expensive wallpaper only for it to be marked with crayons or Ribena the next day. Vinyl wall art stickers are both durable and waterproof. They are designed to last, and are much better suited to family homes than paper stickers or wallpaper. Any liquid can simply be wiped off them without hassle, and pen marks also wipe straight off.

Stick to Most Surfaces

A lot of people mistakenly believe that vinyl stickers can only be placed on paint, but this isn’t the case. Vinyl stickers can be used on most surfaces, including wood, glass and even metal.  This means that it doesn’t matter how your property is currently decorated, as a vinyl sticker can be used as an easy upgrade to a wall.


A final appealing factor about using stickers to decorate wallsis that it can be a lot less expensive than buying prints or artwork. Even if your budget is big, the low cost adds to the sense that decals can be used as short-term changes, rather than major interior design investments. Again, this also makes them especially suitable for children’s rooms, where people tend to update the décor fairly regularly as the kids grow and their tastes and interests change. We all know how easy it is for a child to love Thomas the Tank Engine one minute and then Pokémon the next after all! With vinyl stickers, you can redecorate with very little outlay.

Have you considered using wall decals to brighten up the rooms in your home and create new features? Let us know in the comments how you have incorporated these popular design elements!