A New Recliner Can Help You Celebrate Super Bowl Sunday

Celebrate Super Bowl Sunday in this sweet recliner...!

With Super Bowl Sunday fast approaching and the top teams fighting to prove that they’re the best in the league, many are already planning their Super Bowl gatherings. A good sized TV and a wicked spread are important for any party, but comfort should also be a priority. Prepare that perfect spot for the big by purchasing a new recliner—it’s your throne, after all. While everyone has their spot on the couch, you’ll stay king of the castle in your regal chair.Finding the perfect fit will be a tough decision but it will be worth it to have your new seat ready for February 7th.

Keep in mind the four essential styles of reclining chairs: the rocker, the push-back, the two-position and the riser. While watching the big game you’re going to want to be comfortable as you root on your favourite team. The rocker is built for R&R so you can lay back to enjoy the half time show. There are several angles on the rocker: the footrest goes up but the chair does not go all the way back which makes it perfect for small spaces and a great choice for that Sunday in February. 

If you’re more of the type of person who really gets into the game and moves around a lot you may not want to even deal with the hassle of putting a footrest up and down and you ought to consider the push-back. With no footrest, all you have to do is push back, no dealing with side handles in order to settle in. It also takes up a small amount of space because only the back moves. 

Then there is the two-position recliner which, as you might imagine, has two positions. This is the basic design that releases a footrest with a lever. It’s a classic but simple choice, and although it takes up more space than the other options, that doesn’t mean it will be any less luxurious. However, the top notch choice might be the riser, which typically has two buttons or a remote for operation.It is motorized so there is no need for side handles. It lifts upwards so it really takes no effort to get out of the chair, a great feature when you’re leaping up for that 60-yard touchdown pass. GTA-based retailer The Chesterfield Shop is one solid option for Canadian football fans looking for that power seat.

As the Bills’ Toronto Series proved, there are plenty of NFL fans in Toronto who will be tuning in with the rest of the world. You’ll want to watch it in style with a seat destined to become “your spot” in the living room. The Chesterfield Shop offers five show rooms across the GTA, but you’ll want to visit soon as the end of the regular season draws near. As with any furniture purchase, get it delivered and spare yourself the hassle of a trailer or borrowing your friend’s pick-up. The clock is ticking and your real focus should be on how to top last year’s homemade Nacho Grande platter. If you’re really stuck for time, visit Thechesterfieldshop.com/products/recliners/ to view the latest styles and functions of today’s most relaxing furniture. Get the most out of your Super Bowl when you kick back in your new pride and joy.