The House Inclusions you should look for When Visiting Display Homes

Display homes give you the opportunity to walk through a home that you may be interested in having built for yourself and your family. Some display homes also eventually get sold, and usually at very reasonable prices! In Sydney and Australia as a whole, there are many different double storey and single storey display homes that you could visit to get an idea of what a building company is capable of and get an idea of what it may be like to live in one of their predesigned builds. 3D modelling can only show you so much!

One of the most important aspects of display homes is all of the house inclusions that will be displayed throughout the home. Builders often show off their added extra options in their display homes, and there are definitely a few things that you should look out for when it comes to house inclusions.

Why House Inclusions Are So Important

Walking through a display home that is unfurnished and does not have any of the finishes may not be as appealing and inviting as visiting a display home that is fully staged. The house inclusions used in display homes paint a picture of what it may be like to live in the type of home that is being displayed. It jogs your imagination and gets you thinking about everyday life, making meals, entertaining guests, and relaxing with your family.

These house inclusions give you inspiration and ideas of inclusions that you may want to keep and what things you would do differently when it comes to colour schemes, design ideas etc.

Display homes also give home builders the opportunity to show off their inclusions and give you an idea of the look and feel of these features instead of you having to look through them in a brochure. 

Inclusions are also important to the client as they are often cheaper to have done through the builder at the time of your home build than trying to contact independent contractors later down the line once you have already moved into your home.

The House Inclusions That You Should Pay Attention to

When visiting a display home, there are a few inclusions that you should look out for and enquire whether the builder can provide these for you if you happen to build with them.

  • Aircon- Australians summers can get very hot, and air conditioning is a popular feature.
  • Energy saving-Energy saving features may cost you extra but will definitely save you money in the long run.
  • Built-in cupboards-
  • Bathroom features- Having your bathroom fully kitted out as you move into your new home is ideal. Complete bathrooms are one of the most popular inclusions and should include tiling, hot water systems, baths/showers, sinks, and toilets.
  • Countertops- The kitchen is the heart of the home. Kitchen islands and countertops can usually be done by the home building company or their subcontractors.

Focus on Quality

Even if the inclusions that you come across during your tour of the display home aren’t quite to your personal taste, what you should really pay attention to is the quality of these features. The building company more than likely does these inclusions in a variety of other styles and colours, but their quality should be pretty standard. Inspect the materials, how things are placed, and the overall functionality of the home. Also, keep their target audience in mind as a home that has been staged for family living won’t necessarily meet the needs of a bachelor, but that doesn’t mean that the building company couldn’t create an exceptional bachelor pad.

Questions to Ask

  • What other styles/ colours do these inclusions come in?- get an idea if there are other options that may be more to your taste.
  • What are the pricing packages for the inclusions?- See the different packages which are offered. Often inclusions are cheaper than having to install certain features yourself.
  • Can I see more examples?- Get more inspiration by visiting more display homes or browsing the builder’s website.

Are you interested in having a display home with all the house inclusions built for your next project? At Kurmond Complete, we specialise in building both double storey and single storey display homes. And we can build these homes to your exact specifications. If you are interested in visiting any of our display homes, have a look at the current display homes on our website.