Only A Certified Arborist Can Help You Safely Remove A Dead Tree

Arborists know how to Safely Remove A Dead Tree .

There are many benefits to having a beautiful tree in the yard — from shade on a hot summer’s day, to the perfect foundation for a child’s tree house. However, trees come some inherent dangers, too, and it always pays to know how to care for them. If improperly cared for, a tree can fall and cause damage to your property. Neglect or improper care can result in a tree falling and hurting people or animals, or causing danger to buildings, cars, and nearby power lines. During times of severe storms, it is not uncommon for a tree to be struck by lightning and become severely damaged or fall.

No one wants to cut down a tree if they don’t have to, but sometimes tree removal is a necessity, especially if you live in a densely wooded city like Edmonton. Trees are aesthetically pleasing and they make a house look like home — substantially increasing your home’s value and curb appeal. However, if and when there is a problem with a tree, too many people try to take care of the issues with little to no training. If your tree is dead or dying and removal looks like the best option, a certified arborist is the one to help. They can come out and do an evaluation on the tree in question. If you feel the tree is at risk, they can determine the course of action that needs to be taken. Whether its post-storm cleanup or you want a tree removed as a plumbing risk, a local arborist can help. 

When considering tree removal, ask yourself a few questions. Does the tree have dead branches that are keeping it from its full potential? Are there detached branches that are hanging? Are there parasites or fungi at the base? Have trees in the area recently died or been filled with insects? Is the tree leaning or perhaps growing to one side? Is the growth on your tree normal or is it an unusual color and size? By asking these few questions, you can better determine your need for professional intervention by an arborist from a local tree care company, like Chipps Tree Care in Edmonton.

Trees will often give hazard signs that tell you their removal is inevitable. If they are close to a power line, have broken branches, if there are open cavities or dead branches and the trunk is decaying; these are signs that your tree needs to be removed or else it might become a hazard to you or your property. Tree removal is not always easy, especially if the tree is old (with a large root structure) or big (with a large, overhanging canopy), but whatever the situation, an arborist from Chipps Tree Care will determine the risk and hazard level of the tree, and the necessary steps to remove it. They will then determine what course of action is best in dealing with the situation.

Many people have lost their lives trying to remove a tree with no experience, so why not be safe and call in the professionals? After all, Chipps tree pruning services in Edmonton will help you keep your property looking its best. It’s time to remove that unsightly dead tree or stump; you will be glad you did.