Choosing the Best TV Wall Mount

TV screens are no longer placed on wall units. To have the best view, TV screens are held in a specific position by being mounted on a TV wall mount. Before you buy a flat TV, think of where you will place it in your living room. Have you thought of the best TV mounting? Do you have an idea of the available types of TV mountings? Here are some of the popular types.

Fixed TV wall mount

Also known as a flat TV mount, this mounting fixes your television in a fixed position on the wall. Once installed, the television is permanently fixed on the wall like a picture frame. This means that you cannot tilt or move your TV unless you uninstall it. Before you install this type of TV mounting, make sure that you have determined the best TV position based on your room size and seating arrangement.

Tilting wall mount

This wall mount is similar to a fixed mount only that it allows you to tilt your TV up or down. It is a bit more expensive than a fixed wall mount. The unique feature is that you can tilt it to the best viewing position. This mount is installed just like the fixed wall mount. The only difference is that there is space between your TV and the wall, to allow tilting.

Full-motion TV mount

Full-motion or retractable TV mounts offer greater flexibility than a tilting wall mount. This TV wall mount allows you to tilt, retract and swivel your television for optimum adjustability. A screen mounted on a full-motion TV mount can be positioned 2-40 inches from the wall. The distance depends on the size of your screen, to allow maximum tilting. Swivel, tilt or retract your TV screen to an angle, so you can have the best and clearest view.

Ceiling TV mount

This is an option where a wall-mounted or floor standing TV isn’t feasible. It is usually used in commercial offices but there are also some residential homes with this kind of TV mount. A ceiling TV mount is fixed on the ceiling, holding your TV screen at a height where you can comfortably have a clear view. You can tilt your TV screen to any angle, up or down. Of all the various types of TV mountings, this one saves the most space in your room.

These are some of the popular TV mountings on the market. You can choose a floor TV stand or a wall TV mount. The best choice depends on your room size, TV size and purpose. Before you buy a TV, consider its mounting position in your home or office. This should clearly indicate which kind of TV mounting or stand you need to buy.