Hottest New Tech and How to Save Money on Them

Whether you are at home, in the office or always moving, new technology gadgets can help you save a lot of time and also make your life a lot easier. In fact, if you want to fit in today’s world, you must embrace the new technology. Here are this year’s hottest new techs

1. iPhone 7
If you are looking for a new iPhone, then this is the best phone to buy. If Apple could have launched it in place of the iPhone 6 last year, then it could have been the best phone. It comes with a slightly longer battery life, fast innards, a better camera and protection against water. Due to its water resistance chassis, it can survive plunges in water. In addition, its screen has changed in brightness and color. Overall, it’s double the internal capacity, it’s water resistant and has a good low light camera thereby making Saving money on the hottest new tech a lot easier.


2. Google Nexus 6P
As one of the first two Android phones, Google’s Nexus has a solid camera, an accurate fingerprint reader, high resolution screen, loud speakers and works well with every major carrier. As compared to the Motorola 6 inches, the Nexus is a smaller and a narrower phone. Since it has a unibody it means you will not access the battery. This phone also comes in three colors namely graphite, white, and silver. Due to its audio quality, you can comfortably enjoy music from YouTube. Also, it has one of the best cameras and image quality. Its back camera is 12.3 megapixel while its front camera is 8-megapixel. Overall, it’s a good phone worth trying.

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3. Apple MacBook
With some boost to performance and battery life while keeping the same light slim body, Apple has come up with one of the best laptops. Its responsive trackpad and high res display is still the gold trackpad. If you like a bit of personalization, you can enjoy its color options. It has a new set of updates such as new rose gold color options, new processors for quicker performance and a good battery life. According to reviews, it’s actually the thinnest laptop that has ever been made. Although its screen is small it’s sharp. Above all, it’s an excellent laptop.

4. HP Elite Folio G1
With a Core M processing power and 4K touch screen, the HP Elite has one of the best designs. This amazing laptop is not only thin but also light. It comes with so many configuration options including a 4K touch screen. HP has come up with something that looks like the Apple MacBook but build for the professional users. However, it’s still stylish enough that anyone can enjoy using it. As compared to the MacBook, its keyboard is miles above. Although it has the best consumer appeal it’s marketed as a professional machine. Even without the extras you still enjoy it.

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro
With a 12 inch AMOLED display, this Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro has one of the best deals. Its battery life is excellent, has keyboard cover and its display is much better than the more expensive designs. This laptop sets up to resemble the best parts while also correcting the problems. Since this is the second generation, it means it has a better performance and a good battery life. Overall, Samsung has built a lot of value into this Tab Pro. Although saving money on the hottest new tech can be hard, here are the 4 ways to get these gadgets cheaper
· Buy them using promo codes and coupons
· Sell your old stuff or trade in your old phone for credit
· Researching in the online stores
· Buy them through auctions and friends
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