Everything You Need to Know About Cool Walls with West Coast Better Homes

What is a Cool Wall?

If you’ve never heard of a call wall, a cool wall is essentially a new type of heat reflective technology which West Coast Better Homes uses to coat your exterior walls, to prevent them from absorbing heat. As if your home’s exterior walls absorb heat during the warm Californian summer months, the heat absorbed by your exterior walls may begin to stress your air-conditioning unit. Which in turn will lead to higher power bills.

So if you’re interested in prolonging the life of your air-conditioning unit and significantly reducing your monthly power bills, it’s definitely well worth considering talking to a professional contractor about investing in cool wall technology.

How do West Coast Better Homes complete the process of creating functional cool walls?

Creating cool walls, does not require any invasive procedures and instead involves your contractor coating your home’s exterior walls with a patented exterior coating system, which was initially developed by the military to reduce the heat signature of your vehicles. So that their vehicles could travel through potentially hazardous terrain, without being identified by possible enemies. Who may use heat tracking devices to try and track down any moving vehicles.

What are some of the benefits of opting for energy efficient exterior wall paints?

1. Cool wall technology has been designed to stand the test of time

Don’t worry there’s no need to repaint your cool walls every year as cool wall technology has been specifically designed to last the test of time and is even fade resistant. So even if your cool walls are exposed to the California sun’s heat rays for the majority of each day, your call walls should stay cool, for several years.

2. Cool wall technology has been patented, so there’s no way that you’ll come across an inferior product

If you’re worried about choosing the wrong type of cool wall coating, there’s no need to worry as cool wall technology has been patented in order to protect the cool wall brand. After all, if clients were duped by copy cat competitors who marketed inferior products, the cool wall brand would be tarnished in the long run, so it was important for the makers behind cool wall technology to patent their unique, innovative product.

Why you should leave painting your walls with cool wall, to the professionals:

While you may be tempted to try and create your own cool walls, you’re much better off contacting a contractor at West Coast Better Homes, to complete your cool wall job for you as contractors have to be trained to use cool wall products. Better yet West Coast Better Homes contractors are all licenced and ensured so in the unlikely event that anything were to go wrong with your cool walls, you would not have to pay a single cent, to rectify any issues which you may find.

So if you love the idea of keeping your home cool in the warm summer months and ensuring the longevity of your air-conditioning unit, it’s well worth investing in cool wall technology!