Unique and Unusual Accommodation Around the World

While many immediately think of mainstream hotels when it comes to booking travel lodging, there are so many more types of accommodation to explore!  From teepees and tree houses, to caravans and caves, the possibilities are endless for a unique and memorable night.

Ice Hotel

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

The UFO at Treehotel, Sweden

Spending the night in a tree house and a UFO what more could you ask for?  Located in Sweden, for as little as $700 per night, couples will have an unusual experience on top with an aerial view of the ground.

Jellystone Teepee, Colorado

If this isn’t strange – I don’t know what is…  Situated in ‘Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park-Resort’ in Larkspur, Colorado, the place gives visitors a great chance to sleep in cabins, cottages, tee pees, tents, caravans, and even yurts.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Florida

This was originally a research laboratory underwater that can now accommodate two couples a night. The hotel is six meters deep on the Emerald Lagoon in Florida. The real attractions inside are the gold fish, parrot fish, barracuda and watch angelfish which might make you stay awake the whole night by peering in through the window.

The Ice Hotel, Sweden

The Ice Hotel, which is located in Sweden, is especially unique because the temperatures artificially maintained. Temperatures do not rise above freezing point, and the mattresses are covered with the reindeer hides and couples are provided with the super-warm sleeping bags.

Camping in Scotland

Scotland is a historical place for campers and caravanners because of its unique natural features such as mountains, cliffs, and beautiful lochs. Caravanners from all over the world flock Scotland annually to spend their vacations there, most move from campsite to campsite in order to get a good feel for the country. Caravanners making Scotland their next trip should ensure they have adequate insurance from the get go.

Milos Windmill, Greece

This is a converted windmill which has two bedrooms that are tastefully decorated in Greek style. Although it is very small, it is has been furnished to provide a good experience.

La Balade Des Gnomes, Belgium

Sleeping inside this hotel resembles an experience on the moon. It has themed rooms with planets and twinkling stars on the ceiling and walls. One can bathe in a lunar capsule and sleep in the moon buggy.

Sant’Angelo Luxury Resort, Italy

This is a four-star boutique and a cave hotel in the city of Matera, Italy. It is famous for Sassi, a house that has been dug on the rock and used some nine thousand years ago. It is equipped with restaurants and gallery for antiques.

The Dovecote, England

This is regarded as one of the best romantic hideaways in England where couples can spend a night in a unique way. It was a former dovecote which went into disrepair and has been repaired and converted to a self-catering love nest for only four couples to spend a night. It has one meter thick walls with a glorious sauna and wooden lantern roof.

Well, there you have it…some of the strangest places to spend the night – where would you choose??