What to Do in Music City – Nashville, Tennessee

Grand Ole Opry, Nashville

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

We’ve mentioned before how Nashville, Tennessee is known as Music City – and for good reason. Not just about country music – although there’s plenty of that too – that city is a massive hub for jazz, blues, pop, and Christian music as well with recording studios scattered throughout town. You can hear live music practically any time of day just along the street, in a honky tonk, or at one of the well known established venues. There are also plenty of other places, including a range of museums to learn more about the state capitol and its music. Here’s where you should go:


There are a number of museums in this city stocked differently items for everyone to enjoy. They contain unique items some of which have been there for very many thousands of years. These museums include:

  • Country Music Hall of Fame Museum — This is classified as a specialty museum because it highlights the stages that country music has gone from the time it was born to where it is today. It is a refreshing and cool place to be when in this beautiful city of Tennessee.
  • Musicians’ Hall of Fame — This is a museum that recognizes musicians of all categories from studio players to stars in the industry. The museum contains artifacts ranging from original music instruments that were played when music was recorded. This is an important place for musicians. This is because if a musician is honored by this museum, it is the greatest honor and elevation that a musician can ever achieve in the industry.
  • The Johnny Cash Museum — Recently opened in 2013, the museum was primarily established in order to pay tribute to the  man in black. It contains a large number of artifacts collected by Johnny Cash, as well as exhibits depicting the way of life of Cash using films and music, among other things.


There is always a show going on in Music City…

  • Schermerhorn Symphony — This is a center that is renowned because of it reputation in recording and programming of music. Once in the city, this can be the best place to be for recording and performance especially for musicians and other singers. The place witnesses very many performances annually thus making it the loveliest place to be. Performances and recordings can be done on various genres of music ranging from pop, classical, jazz and other events such concerts for the children.
  • Grand Ole Opry — It is basically concerned with performances. Once in the city and you want to be entertained, this is the place to be either as a family or as an individual. This is because the place offers entertainment for all ages. There are a number of moments that occur every week that will always remain in your mind for example Dickens ladder among others. A number of superstars also play country music which is soothing to the ears for everybody.

Have you been to Nashville before? Did you visit any of Music City’s museums and performances?