Simple Methods To Get Into The Tech Industry With Zero Experience

Many people throughout their lives consider a career change when they’re feeling unfulfilled in their jobs or want to make a bit more money. The tech industry is relatively new, considering it’s unprecedented growth over the last few years. 

Many people, especially those who grew up without advanced technology might feel as though they want to get involved as soon as possible, even though they don’t have any educational or practical experience. Luckily, technology is easy to understand and master if you put your mind to it. Here are some simple methods that you should follow if you want to break into the tech industry.

Look Within An Industry That’s Related To A Hobby

The best way to make a drastic career change is to move to something that you’re relatively familiar with. Whether that’s art, music, or motor cars, you need to pivot to something that you’re passionate about, or at least interested in. The larger technology industry has many sub-industries that are hyper-focused on each and every niche and hobby in the world. Whether you want to download a guitar tuning app or watch sports online, tech covers literally everything. 

If you insert yourself into one of these industries, and you know a lot about the niche that the industry is targeting, you might be able to contribute a lot, without having any real technical experience. Creating a piece of tech is more than just understanding how the technology is built and runs. 

Do An Internship Or Get A Certification 

There are so many ways and routes that any person on the planet can take to get a baseline level of knowledge within the tech industry. If you know someone who works in tech speak to them about doing a low-level internship at their company, just so you can get acquainted with the working environment, as well as make a few invaluable connections. Just being in that environment will most likely teach you more than you would ever learn while doing a full-time degree or simply watching educational videos online.

Alternatively, you could do a bit of research into cheap and easy online certifications and courses that will teach you just enough to get yourself into a company. Once again just doing enough to get in is all you need to do.

From there, how much you want to grow will be up to you, and what you pick up and learn on the job. There are plenty of great online workshops, websites, and courses that offer easy-to-learn certifications that you can do in your free time. 

The more you learn the more attractive you will become to one of the many tech companies around the world. Furthermore, any company loves someone who is self-taught, and who shows initiative to learn something from scratch, whether its coding an ecommerce app or a real money casino Android app

The Bottom Line

The tech industry is not only open to people who studied the industry through higher education. In fact, the tech industry hires more people who are underqualified than any other industry in the world. You can make the change if you really want it.