7 Ways To Cosy Up Your Apartment Balcony

Seven Ways To Transform Your Balcony

When you live in an apartment, the lack of square feet can often feel very limiting. If you have a balcony, however, your potential to enjoy a cosy area year-round doubles. Here are some great ideas on how to make your balcony work for you.

  1. Put In A Sitting Area

Whether you have space for a comfortable hanging chair, want to DIY a pallet couch, or can only add in a small folding chair or two since it is not that large, finding a way to make a space to sit on your balcony doubles its useability and appeal. The balcony can turn into a romantic nook for night-time dining, it can be a reading space for lazy afternoons, or transform into the perfect area to have sundowners with friends in the summer. A sitting area no matter how large ensures your space is working for you in the best possible way.

  1. Add An Outdoor Rug

While concrete and tiles can be considered utilitarian chic, you can make a seemingly cold floor space feel far more cosy by finding an outdoor rug with a pattern that you love – or a neutral hue that lends itself to your home style. If you have no room for a grand full-floor rug, get one which can fit under your dining space, so your feet don’t have to be cold while eating, or use it to up the comfort of an outdoor couch nook on your balcony.

  1. Put In Some Plants

If your balcony area is a bit devoid of character, a few plants can make your outdoor space feel far more like its outdoors. Especially if the view you have isn’t all that pretty. Tall plants like miniature palm trees or fiddle leaf ferns are relatively easy to keep alive – light levels depending – and a few pots of your favourite herbs can go a long way to making your outdoor balcony feel more appealing. Flowers are never amiss either – so plant a few in window boxes – or consider trying your hand at some strawberries or ornamental peppers to get something beautiful and useful growing.

  1. Add A Pop Of Colour

Don’t be afraid to play with colour outdoors – be it a vibrant throw you add to the back of your chairs, a canvas print you attach to the walls or Kitchen tablecloths you put over your dining area. Colour can help to draw the eye in and if you have the space, a full-length wall mural can add a touch of whimsy for those so inclined.

  1. Light It Up

Mood lighting is a must indoors – and there is no reason why you shouldn’t try your hand at it outdoors too. Look at getting tea light candles, some artfully placed solar lanterns, or consider stringing up some sparkling fairy lights to really set the mood once the sun goes down. You can enjoy a romantic night in, or play Lucky Creek casino slots as your lights twinkle.

  1. Go Vertical

Your wall space doesn’t have to be bare, and the sky’s the limit for what you can do to make your home cosier. Some shelves with trinkets from your childhood or travels, a dart board for friends to play, some hanging plants on macrame strings, there is really plenty to do to draw the eye up and give your balcony some additional character.

  1. Privacy

If your balcony is one of many in a row, you can add in some tall plants to block a direct view of your space from the street; or consider purchasing or making a simple bamboo stick screen which can also double as a wind block. Alternatively, if you can attach rods to your ceiling, there is no reason not to try and attach lightweight fabric or canvas, which can give a bohemian feel as well as block out the prying eyes of any nosy neighbours.