15 Practical Recommendations for Choosing an House or Apartment

We all love getting the keys to a new home, but before we reach that point we need to find it. Keep in mind the following things when choosing a new house or apartment.

Both first-time buyers and regular buyers tend to give greater importance to economic factors when buying a home even more than the aspects related to the property itself. But, there are other additional aspects that will undoubtedly help you to find the best option for your investment to increase over the years.

While not even an experienced mortgage broker can know for sure what will happen to the housing prices in the future, if you make the decision to buy an apartment or house prioritized on your needs, and what makes you happy, you will not go wrong. There are plenty of things to think about before your next move.

house or apartment

Here is what you need to remember:

1. Do not purchase blindly- If you buy based on plans, review the models, plans and brochures and confirm that the sizes and distribution of the spaces are what you need; if it exists, visit the show house or model apartment.

2. Find out Ask if you can have the constructor’s specifications for changes- Some projects have the possibility of expansion for another bedroom, another bathroom and sometimes even for a full floor. Ask if you can have the constructor’s specifications for changes.

3. Do an initial search- Talk with your friends and family, take a tour of the area in which you are interested in buying; buy newspapers or magazines that advertise the sale of houses and apartments. At this point do not hesitate to conscientiously consult the maximum possible of portals on sales of homes, search engines and comparison websites.

4. Arrange a second visit- Before making a decision, return to the house that interests you; if you previously went in the day, now go at night, and vice versa. Ask the neighbours if in the area there are problems of insecurity, lack of services, neighbourhood organisations, etc. Choosing a the right neighbourhood is just as important as choosing the right house!

5. Make sure there are no outstanding legal problems with the property

6. Be aware of maintenance costs, taxes, and other associated expenses.

7.Be aware of gas, electricity and other utility payments.

8. Check the Proximity to your workplace– ensure that the home you are interested in is close to your work or that there are efficient transportation routes that take you there.

9. Check the Proximity to schools and hospitals- Check that the house is close to schools, health clinics, hospitals, stores and markets.

10. Research Public services- Ask the neighbours of the house or apartment about the quality of services such as garbage collection, public lighting, drainage, water supply, etc.

11. Evaluate Quality of the home- Check that the materials used in the house or apartment are of good quality and that the new house is in good condition.

12. Look up Alternative travel routes- Study the routes and alternatives of public transport and available roads to get to your home (distance, cost, traffic).

13. Look Up Public leisure spaces- Are there nearby parks and other places for recreation?

14. Research Neighbourhood organisations- Ask the neighbours if there are committees, for example, for administration and security monitoring.

15. Select most important factors for your house- Before buying a house or apartment, the ideal is to see several and select maybe three to shortlist. If you can, compare the three that you like most by evaluating these criteria, before deciding to buy.