Sounds of this Century

The turn of the century has seen music change more dramatically than any other priod in musical history. the baropuq period took a few centuries to progress, and even the more recent of “classical”genres spent long periods in transition. This is mainly due to changes in the types of intruments which influence the music. The romatic era was born out of a new understanding of musical dynamics, thanks to the development of the pianoforte (now known only as the piano) from the harpsichord. The harpsichord is almost identicle to the more modern instrument, but its volume could not vary, it played at on volume. While these changes in music took a long time to come around because of the technology used to make the instruments, nowadays technology is so advanced that music changes rapidly. In fact, if you spent a year in the jungle, you might just miss a trend or two.

Modern technology has seen a shift in the direction that music takes; from playing and compsing using traditional instruments, to using computers to both compoe and play. Mdern genres of music such as electro and dubstep, rely solel on synthesized sounds for their production. With the creative process being taking out tof the composition process in many mainstream songs, often the “classics” are rehased; there is many a teeneager enjoying a rave oblivious to the fat they are really listening to a version of Beethoven.

Dubstep is a new movement of music that has been established by the Avant Garde community. It embraces inharmonic sounds with aural creativity that has taken the music scee by storm. The genre is almost completely electronic, there is barely any semblance of a “real” instrument being played. With the style embraced by popular artists such as Skrillex and Calvin Harris the Dubstep movement has escalated into mainstream music, regularly appearing the the Top 40 Charts and has progressed from basements to huge arenas where music festivals are held.

Meanwhile, “rock” music has undergone an iverhaul.Groups such as Sunny Day Real Estate and Jawbreaker began blending indie rock with pop punk in early 1990s. The meaning of contemporary punk rock in American changed with these new styles introduced. With new “emo” sounds emerging. This style was soon  and The subgenre “scream” became mainstream in the 2000s with Dashboard Confessional and Jimmy Eat World succeeding on a platinum level.Nowadays, journalists and critics apply the term “emo” to different groups that play various different types of sounds and styles. The term “emo” is used when signifying relationships between artists and fans and also to describe culture, fashion and related behavior.

Another majpr change to appear in music since the “blues” is the influence of ethnic or minority groups on music. The most popular type of music to ctake off is hip-hop.Hip-hop genre that depicts the general lifestyles of youth in cities is now referred to as “Gangsta rap”. This type of genre was introduced in the 1980’s by famous rap groups such as Boogie Down Productions and NWA. Gangsta rap is a modernized and more violent version of hip-hop, focusing on trunk-heavy beats and lyrics that are aggressive. It was accepted in the early 90s but was later condemned as the themes became more violent. Rappers retaliate by voicing their struggles in the city and claim that they are not trying to promote anything.

This work is supposed to address all the noise explosion of the 21 century that the mobile technology provides us at every step in our life. All theses sounds from the so-called “white noise” and people are getting so used to it that many of them don’t realize its influence on our life.