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Sounds of this Century

The turn of the century has seen music change more dramatically than any other priod in musical history. the baropuq period took a few centuries to progress, and even the more recent of “classical”genres spent long periods in transition. This…

Unveiling Cloak and Cipher LP

“Spoiler alert, I’m already in a hip-hop band! We’ll drop the album at some point. After 2012, if the world still exists.” – Liz on AUX TV Last time fans heard of Liz, she officially tied with Broken Social Scene…

Quarry Hymns Official Music Video

Watch the official music video of Quarry Hymns from the band’s 2nd full length album Cloak and Cipher. Catch the video below!        

Playing Quarry Hymns for La Blogotheque Take Away Show

The band played the song “Quarry Hymns” from the album Cloak and Cipher for La Blogotheque in Montreal. Looks like they had fun doing the video. And saw the last part where they had to run from the security? :)

Liz Powell Featured in Exclaim

Nicole Villenueve of Exclaim interviewed Liz for an in-depth interview and discussed with her things about her artistry, the band’s music, how she was able to work behind the scenes for the band’s albums and the second LP Cloak and…