Unveiling Cloak and Cipher LP

“Spoiler alert, I’m already in a hip-hop band! We’ll drop the album at some point. After 2012, if the world still exists.” – Liz on AUX TV

Last time fans heard of Liz, she officially tied with Broken Social Scene after becoming the group’s touring singer. But since the release of the band’s latest album Forgiveness Rock record earlier this month, she can’t be found nowhere.

Lisa Lobsinger had since taken the lead.

Since she is no longer preoccupied with the ON-based supergroup, she has returned to Land of Talk. Land of Talk will release its second LP, Cloak and Cipher on August 24. It will be the band’s second full-length album after Some Are Lakes which was released on 2008. Similar to the past album, Clock and Cipher will be released through Saddle Creek.

Liz talked to AUX TV and said that the collection was produced by Besnard Lake’s Jace Lased. It was reported that there was an appearance from Patrick Watson, contributing a piano solo for the track “The Hate I Won’t Commit”. Also featured was Jeremy Gara, Arcade Fire’s drummer, who played “Quarry Hymns”. Members of Stars, Esmerine and Silver Mount Zion Band are also guests on Cloak and Cipher.

The album documents the creative genius Liz’ past and future, entwined together for this record. During teenage years, her records were strictly limited to 4-track tape. The songs featured in this album were formed out in a digital Garageband software, which is a first for her.

Cloak and Cipher

1. “Cloak and Cipher”
2. “Goaltime Exposure”
3. “Quarry Hymns”
4. “Swift Coin”
5. “Color Me Badd”
6. “The Hate I Won’t Commit”
7. “Hamburg, Noon”
8. “Blangee Blee”
9. “Playita”
10. “Better and Closer”

 Article referenced from Alex Hudson of Exclaim.ca