5 Unique Things to do on Lanzarote


photo credit: muha… via photopin cc

Lanzarote is one of the mystical and idyllic Canary islands. Set to the east of the rest islands, and being the fourth largest of the group, it’s a mysterious and whimsical island full of life, conjure, and unique experiences. While here, make sure to check out these five opportunities while you have the chance.

Timanfaya National Park

How hot is hot? Find out at Timanfaya National Park. It’s one of the most popular attractions on the island and it’s obvious why. The dusty red sand landscapes of the park make a colorful spectacle. The rolling hills and volcanoes jet up in the sky and you might think the views are enough, but to get back to the question, how hot it hot, let your tour guide show you. The 600 degree Celsius temperatures cause the sand to heat up although it’s coming from below. The guide will take some dry grass that will erupt in flames once throw into a hole. That’s how hot it is!

To take your adventure here even further how about having the flaming undergrounds cook dinner for you? At the El Diablo restaurant in the area, you can have exactly that. A delicious BBQ that has been cooked up by heated volcanic grounds. How’s that for a different dining experience? I’m sure you are dying to check this place out already so get your Lanzarote flights taken care of and come experience this amazing spot!

Go in a Submarine

That’s right. If diving, snorkeling, or even just a plain old boat ride just isn’t enough for your islands sea adventure, then why not take a submarine ride? It’s an experience that would be unique and different anywhere in the world, but Lanzarote would be an awesome place to check this off your list. Plunging down to the bottom while still in your day clothes, you can experience dolphins and turtles swimming past your window as well as vibrant color corals and fish floating past you.


photo credit: Tambako the Jaguar via photopin cc

Ride on a Camel

The ocean water surrounding Lanzarote is spectacular, but the dry sand landscapes on the inside of the island is fantastic as well. For yet another original experience, hop on a camel and take a stroll through the dry landscapes of this island.

Jameos del Agua

Where can you watch a show, eat dinner, see albino bats, and go swimming at the same time? Well of course, while you are in a cave! The absolutely spectacular caving system that was formed from volcanic tunnels have provided the inspiration for a place like no other. Jameos del Agua, an underground grotto cave has been transformed to a 600-seat auditorium complete with a restaurant and bar inside. This is a venue like no other and when the shows over, just take a dip in the blue pools nearby. Enjoy the surrounding gardens and keep an eye out for those rare albino bats that will be fluttering around.

Roam a Cactus Garden

That’s right, another odd yet awesome place to visit while on the island. Located near Guatiza, which is just north on the island, this collection of cacti is impressive. There are over 1,000 species on the premises and all set in a beautiful garden with pathways and a stunning volcanic landscape backdrop. There are also some metal sculptures and a restored windmill dotted along the gardens.