Loft Conversion Inspiration Kit: 3 Things To Keep in Mind

As years go by, some homeowners may feel the need to move out of their houses, especially when the children are growing up and having extra space becomes more and more of a necessity. One of the best ways to create more space – or to at least maximize the available area – is to embark on a loft conversion project.

Lack of home space may result in a lot of clutter, mostly from years of hoarding things. As a result, homeowners are left with two choices: move out into a much larger home, or to maximize the available space through home renovation. Converting a loft is an ideal preference for homeowners as they can increase their living space without having to be burdened by moving out.

Loft conversion has its benefits, some of which include the following:

  • It reduces the burden of having to move out. Moving out of a home is a tedious task. Imagine the number of boxes that you need to move into the new place of residence. This means having to spend a few dollars to pay the movers.
  • It increases the living space. Adding a loft enables homeowners to use it in various ways. It can be used as a guest room, bedroom for children, study or office space, meditation room, and more.
  • It adds value to your home. Adding a loft increases the value of your home by at least 20%. You may spend a few thousands of dollars in building a loft, but you will definitely earn more, once you decide to sell your home.

3 Things To Keep In Mind When Converting a Loft

Converting a loft is an exciting venture to increase your living space. But before starting this project, you need to know the answers to these important questions:

Can you afford the conversion?

While a loft conversion is cheaper than building a whole new room, homeowners still need to realize that the project will involve a certain amount of money. Check your budget against your loft conversion plans.

Do you have enough space for the loft conversion?

Building a loft requires a standard height of 210-240 cm. Not all homes may have the required vertical space for a loft conversion. Ordinarily, when the loft design you have in mind won’t affect the design of the existing roof, approval with building regulations is no longer needed.

What will the loft be used for?

You must have a clear picture of how you intend to use the additional space. Some homeowners may fill the room to the brim with old things, which is a total waste of space. In other words, you should use it for a specific purpose, instead of using the loft as a mere storage facility.

Ideally, lofts should be converted into a room that can be useful for a long period of time.

Having a much bigger space makes things convenient, as it allows you to have the right amount of space for everything that you have. While moving out and choosing a bigger home may be a viable option, converting a loft will save you a lot of money but will still allow you to have the opportunity to creatively design your home space in a way that serves its purpose.


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