Beginners Gym Tips 101

Keep It Simple

When you’re getting started, don’t worry about getting super technical with your workouts. Start with super simple movements and exercises that feel natural, so cardiovascular exercises such as cycling, running, swimming, or resistance moves like bicep curls, chest press, squats, lunges etc. You’ll naturally grow and improve over time, so keep it easy to begin with, and learn to understand your body in time.

Pick the Right Gym

Just because your gym is close to home, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for you. Be sure to shop around, and see what’s available. A gym is not only a financial investment, but a life one too, so even if you have to spend a little more money, be sure the gym is a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Don’t Be Nervous

One complaint of a lot of new people that start in a gym, is self-consciousness. For a start, nobody in your gym except the staff is going to know you’re new, so clear that thought from your head. Secondly, just like you, people having workouts to complete, so no-one is going to be staring at you. Focus on yourself, and your workouts, and don’t worry about anything except what’s important.

Snack Sensibly

Generally when people start their fitness journey, it’s because they want to get healthy, whether that be gaining muscle, losing weight or simply getting fit. Make sure you don’t fall prey to post workout hunger pangs by prepping your food and snacks in advance. Whether you keep a little fruit in your gym bag, a jar of peanut butter in your car, or simply make sure your meals are ready when you get home so you don’t find yourself hungry in the supermarket with your wallet in hand. With regards to diet, always make sure you research your supplements well, and go for the best protein shakes available rather than simply buying on impulse. The market is packed with a huge variety of options, so be sure to stay well educated.

Short And Sweet

Just because your favourite athlete or Hollywood superhero spends two hours a day 7 days a week in the gym, doesn’t mean you have to, or should. Keep your workouts nice and brief, and don’t waste time texting or hanging out at the watercooler. Unless you’re training for a specific sport, there’s no reason your workouts should be creeping into the two hour mark. By keeping your rest periods short, you keep your heartrate elevated, increasing your metabolic rate (fat burning potential) and you keep your focus in check.

Consider a Personal Trainer

If your induction didn’t teach what you wanted to know, think about investing in a handful of PT sessions with a qualified trainer. Not only can they teach you the intricacies of your body and the exercises, they can also put together a plan for you to follow, helping you reach your goals faster, and most importantly stick to them.

Always Ask For Help

Gyms have instructors for a reason, if you’re stuck or worried about something, simply ask for help. Don’t try and use a machine you’re not sure you understand, as this could result in injury. Remember, it’s in the staff’s best interest that you get the best results, so don’t be afraid to approach.

Try a Class

Most gyms have classes, generally either free or very reasonable for members, so try something new. You never know, you might meet new friends, enjoy yourself and fall in love with a new exercise, as well as getting fantastic results.