Beware of Wrongful Care in Nursing Homes

When an elderly individual is checked into a nursing home, the impression is they will be under the best of care 24 hours a day. After all, their reason for being there is likely because they can no longer care for themselves and their family is unable to care for them as well. Unfortunately, not all nursing homes are made the same and personal injury attorneys in New Jersey across the country can attest to this. Residents are suffering early deaths due to wrongful care and additional stress brought on by unnecessary changes to their daily routine and their nutrition. Nursing home neglect lawyers are quite familiar with the signs of wrongful care but you may not be. It is always important to know what to look out for if you have a loved one in a nursing home or plan on moving your loved one into a home in the near future.

Here are some of the most common forms of wrongful care in nursing homes:

Failure to Provide Regular Physical Activity and Socialization

While the physical benefits of exercise and physical activity are obvious, the mental benefits are equally important. Depression can quickly set in if a resident is left in their room every day and not able to interact with their friends.

Failure to Provide Proper Nutrition

Any change in the type, amount, or delivery of the resident’s food can lead to a variety of health problems and often worsen existing conditions. Be sure to call a nursing home attorney at Vacardipane & Pinnisi  immediately to report this type abuse.

Chemical or Physical Restraint

Nursing home staff often resort to overdoses of medication or belts and other restraints to punish or confine residents against their will. These acts are highly illegal and a gross misuse of the power given to them.

The sad truth is there are many forms of wrongful care in nursing homes and elder care attorneys are faced with these disturbing cases quite often. Injuries may be reversible if caught early but fatalities are the worst case scenario and the best nursing home neglect lawyers will fight for the toughest penalties and highest compensation for you and your family. If you believe your loved ones are suffering you may be the only voice they have – call a nursing home attorney today.


Dawn M. Pinnisi is a Managing Partner of the Firm.  She was born and raised in Brooklyn and attended Brooklyn Law School.  Ms. Pinnisi predominantly handles professional Malpractice in New Jersey on behalf of victims of product liability, professional malpractice, and negligence.  She has twenty years of litigation experience advocating for injured clients and has recovered millions of dollars in jury verdicts, settlements, arbitrations, and mediations on behalf of injury victims.