College football teams to watch entering bowl season

Clemson is one of the College football teams to watch entering bowl season

Photo by CC user gotigersjf on Flickr

It’s a great time of year for football fans in the United States, as not only is the action heating up in the NFL, but bowl season in the NCAA is just around the corner as well.

Before you go on sites listed on to place your wagers on the action in these games, here is some insight on who will be the most successful going into the bowl games over the holidays.


A southern school that has a rabid following, Clemson has grabbed the 2016 football season by the horns, going 9-1 in their first ten games.

Quarterback Deshaun Watson has led the way for the team, heading up an offense that has the SEC shaking in its boots.

Despite losing its first game in over two years, the Tigers are expected to continue to roll into December as one of America’s most dominant forces in college football.


Alabama is another team in the SEC that is well worth watching for avid sports bettors, as it has parlayed its talent into a mid-November record of a perfect 10-0.

This is good enough to rank the Crimson Tide as the #1 college football team in the nation, making them a pick that can balance out a betting ticket peppered with spicier choices.

They are not a sure bet however, as many other teams across the nation will be raising their level of play to see how they measure up, inevitably putting this team at risk for being upset. Lovers of underdogs, take note.

Ohio State

Turning our attention to the Midwest, the Ohio State Buckeyes have also played their way into contention in the 2016 college football season.

Not considered to be among the top five teams from the start of the season, they have steadily ascended the rankings to build a record of 9-1 as of last weekend’s games.

Despite all this success, many in the press continue to disbelieve Ohio State’s potential, referring to them as ‘untested’ due to the massive average of 53 points per game on offense they have put up against their opponents.

During their upcoming game against #8 Wisconsin, we will see if they will be proven correct.


The final team on this list is Michigan, Ohio State’s longtime bitter rival. Located just behind them as the #3 team in the nation, it is incredibly appropriate that their annual game against each other will be their final match of the regular season.

A game that has implications for bowl matchups, it is expected to be played with playoff intensity. They need to beat them and Indiana this weekend to have a shot at a big bowl game this holiday season, so expect a big performance out of this team, win or lose.