Tips on using Free Bonuses When Gambling Online

There is so much competition in the world of online gambling that each company must do all that they can in order to entice clients to use their services. Something which many companies do in order to bring in more customers is to offer cash incentives by way of welcome bonuses, loyalty promotions and deposit bonuses. You only need to look at a site such as Unibet to see what kind of offers are widely available and they have all types of promotions from sports and casino offers to Unibet lottery bonuses.

From a punter’s point of view this gives us an extra boost to our cash pot and when used in the right way we can use these bonuses to increase how much we bet with and ultimately how much we can win. Bonuses aren’t always as simple as being able to get your hands on free cash however and it is vital that you read the terms and conditions of every bonus. When you do read the terms and conditions here is what to watch out for.

Rollover Requirements

It would be bad business for many companies to simply offer a bonus which you can withdraw straight away which is why we often see rollover requirements attached to most bonus promotions. Let’s say that you have a £10 deposit bonus which has a rollover requirement of x4, this means that you must wager your free £10 4 times before you are able to withdraw your winnings. Make sure that you understand the rollover requirements in order to extract the most from your bonus.

Time Limit

Your free bonus won’t last forever and once you have met the requirements which are needed in order to get your hands on the bonus, there will usually be a time limit on the bonus money which you need to adhere to. This is important because the last thing you need is to work hard on earning the bonus and rolling it over, only to let it run out of time and slip through your fingers.

Minimum Odds

When it comes to sports betting  bonuses you’ll often see minimum odds requirements which you must follow in order for your bet to qualify. The reason for this is that when there is a rollover requirement in place, the company don’t want you betting 4x your bonus on bankers at 1/7, usually the minimum odds requirement will be 1/2 at most online casinos and betting sites.

Tracking Your Bonus

The majority of sites which offer bonuses like this will have a client area where you can view the status of your bonus. It is vital that you use this in order to see whether or not you have qualified for a bonus, when that bonus expires and how many more times you need to roll the bonus over before you are able to withdraw your winnings.

Keep an eye on the status of your bonus and ensure that you meet all of the criteria in order to make the most of these brilliant promotions.