Mobile apps that can improve your sports watching experience

There are many Mobile apps that can improve your sports watching experience

Photo by CC user Spearmint76 on Wikimedia Commons

The mobile computing revolution has changed almost every aspect of our daily lives. The experience of being a sports fan is one of those areas, as it has enhanced the experience from multiple angles.

What are the best mobile apps out there that can improve your sports watching experience? We review a few of our favorite ones below.

Various sports betting apps

There are many apps that can enhance your sports watching experience, but when it comes to generating excitement, few are better at this than sports betting apps.

With access to the latest Vegas odds, you can assess whether a certain match is a good prospect to make you money in the long run.

Once you have made your decision, plunk your money down on one game or a series of matches, and let the drama play out.

If you are looking to add a little spice to your viewing experience, try out these online sports betting apps … you won’t be disappointed.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Betting on sports teams isn’t the only way to experience excitement when watching a major league sport.

You can create your own squads on platforms such as Yahoo Fantasy Sports and watch as they amass points faster than other sports nerds from across the world. Available in a rotisserie or a daily fantasy format, you can put your knowledge of match ups and hot streaks to the test against that of your friends.


When you need to do research to excel at either of the two previously mentioned activities, you need trusted sources that you can rely upon.

While you will want in-depth sources to succeed in the long run, it’s always good to have a reliable mainstream source to begin your search.

For us, the ESPN app is our starting point when it comes to tracking who did what in the games played that day or night.

With opinionated columnists that boast a variety of viewpoints, you will have plenty of seasoned minds that you can tap for advice in addition to the inferences that you end up drawing from the day’s sporting news.


As fun as it is to watch games on television, there is no substitute for catching a professional sport live. However, physically picking up game tickets from the box office can be time-consuming, and in spite of what some people think, there are actually good deals to be had on the second-hand market.

To that end, we can’t say enough good things about what we have found on Stubhub. Scroll down the list, find the seats in the section you want to sit in, and then seamlessly pay your seller with your credit card instantly.

No more meeting in dodgy places to pick up tickets of questionable authenticity, and fewer headaches when it comes to getting a great deal.