The Best Things To Bring To A Holiday Camp


Photo by CC user Kyle Van Horn on Flickr.

Getting out into the great outdoors for a holiday with your family is one of the most liberating experiences you are ever likely to have. In this modern day of smartphones, iPads, and constant connectivity, a camping holiday can be the perfect antidote to modern living. Perhaps even more importantly it gives a family time to be together, without all of the normal distractions and can form memories that last for years.

For those, if you reading this with the intention of dipping your toe in the camping water, it can be difficult to know what exactly to pack other than the obligatory tent of course. There is no need to worry about hair driers and straighteners; true camping never has been or ever will be glamorous. Having been on many camping trips, and learned from experience here are some of the most important things to pack.


  1. First Aid Kit – This may not be the most exciting item to consider, but if it is ever required you will be relieved that you packed it. Accidents can and will happen, and even If you only need a plaster, having a well stocked first aid kit is always a sensible precaution to take, regardless of your holiday choice.
  2. Swiss Army Knife – I cannot tell you how many times this invaluable piece of equipment has saved me. Do a little bit of research and try to find the best multi tool with pocket clip you can find. Whether you need a screwdriver, a pair of scissors, or a tooth pick this product will pay you back time and time again.
  3. Sunscreen – Compared with our normal lives, the very nature of a camping type holiday means that you will be spending many more hours in the sun, than normal. It is essential that you take adequate steps to protect yourself, which means having suitable sunscreen protection for you and your family. As everyone’s skin type is different, ensure that each person has the correct product for their requirements.
  4. A Good Quality Torch – Often one of the most frequently forgotten pieces of equipment, it is not until you need to visit the toilet at 1 am that you discover the importance of a good torch. A quality torch is not expensive but is worth its weight in gold when the time comes to use it.
  5. Battery Operated Clock And Radio – The choice of a clock may be a personal and controversial one within this list. Some people like to totally forget the time, you are on holiday after all, but for medication taking purposes, and numerous other reasons, having a clock available to tell the time is always beneficial. A little radio can help you to keep in contact with the outside world, possibly listen to the news, or even just allow you to get the latest weather reports. Light and inexpensive, a small radio is always an asset to any camping trip.

Most importantly of all just go and enjoy yourself. Spend time with your family, experience the outdoor lifestyle and have fun. You will always get more out of it by throwing yourself into it with maximum enthusiasm, and hopefully, your next trip will be the first of many.