Beginners Guide to a Family Road Trip in a Van

You’ve decided to go on a road trip, you’ve made all the preparations, the van is ready, but you can’t decide where to head to first?  Road trips are meant to offer tons of fun to you and your family, but preparations and planning for it can cause a tiny bit of stress. If you wish to avoid that stress, don’t overthink it. Here are a few pieces of advice on how to plan your family road trip.

Take Short Drives

Road trips last for days and are mostly without an end date. So, don’t spend whole days just driving in your van covering long distances. Make frequent stops on short distances – you have the time.

Shorter drives will allow you to explore more, and you won’t feel so tired from driving. You don’t even have to hit the road every day. If you find a spot that offers loads of fun that you can’t experience in one single day, stay for a couple of days. And when you have to drive so often, it’s important to be rested. It would also be a good idea to have your van insured for any possible misfortunes.

Use Pinterest to Your Advantage and Plan the Perfect Road Trip

If you aren’t on Pinterest already, create an account right now. Pinterest is loaded with ideas on every topic. You need only choose your interests, and you can pin interesting places you wish to visit on your family road trip and create a board for it. Other users also share their experiences and favourite places, which can serve as further inspiration to you.

Check the Weather

Checking the weather is possibly the first step when planning for a family road trip. After all, it’s all about being in nature, and natural conditions can be unfriendly sometimes. See if the broadcast predicts sunny days ahead, because nothing can kill the mood when you are out in nature than rain and thunderstorms. If you go on a road trip in the winter, head south. In the summer, head north. Scorching heat can be just as unappealing as rain. You definitely don’t want to end up in Phoenix or Arizona during summertime.

Since you’ll be out in nature most of the time when you are on a road trip, it’s also good to avoid bug seasons in different states. For example, you will have to deal with nasty mosquitoes in Minnesota starting from the middle of May. 

So, look for places with less humidity around that time of the year. Granted, you won’t be able to predict and avoid anything nature throws at you during your road trip with your family, but you can try and avoid what you can.

Get a National Parks Passport for your Visits

You can get a “Passport Book” in any US National Park. It’s a fun way of saving and remembering all the fun things you see and do during the road trip.

Don’t Forget about Friends and Family

We all have friends and family living far away from us. What better way to visit them than during a road trip? It will only add to the fun and create wonderful memories. There are so many road trips that you can take across the USA to allow for sights and tourist hotspots on the way. With a bit of planning, you can have an unforgettable journey.