The Best Road Trips In Europe

There’s nothing better than a road trip to discover and explore new places. You can truly get the best of both worlds when you drive across Europe – the excitement of the big cities and the escape into the countryside. There are so many beautiful, scenic roads to travel along, as well as plenty of history to soak up in the remote corners of the continent.

1. The Croatian Coastline

The medieval city of Dubrovnik is the heart of Croatia and is the jumping off point for our first road trip idea. Make sure you don’t head straight out of the city though, take some time to explore here first. Then, it’s time to head off along the coastline towards the town of Pula. It’s not a long drive and could be done in one day. However, you’d miss a lot along the way. There’s Bol and its award-winning beach perfect for sipping cocktails on, the romantic city of Nin, and the delicious truffle dishes in the restaurants of Motovun.

2. The Arctic Fjords

From one capeglobaltents coastline to another, this second road trip is quite different to the one you’ll have in Croatia. The fjords of Norway are spectacular and a drive from Bergen to Trondheim will take you along snowy mountains, slow-moving glaciers, across waters by ferry. Just be aware that it can get very cold here and in the winter months, roads are regularly closed thanks to snowfall or ice. It’s recommended that you tackle this trip in the warmer months.

3. High-Altitude Alpine Road Of Germany

The Alpine Road (also known as the Alpenstrasse) will give you a mountain road trip like no other. The Bavarian landscape is incredible, and as you travel along the road, you will see still lakes, tiny, picturesque villages, deep gorges and iconic castles. This one is a real treat for those who love an outdoor adventure. You can even hit the slopes in winter as you’ll be going passed some of the top skiing and snowboarding sites in Europe.

4. The Ancient Greek Routes

The history of Greece is remarkable and a road trip along the ancient routes will take you through some spectacular sites. The best is to start in Athens – be sure to take in the Acropolis and Parthenon before you hit the road though. Then, head out along the coastal roads towards the south. You’ll be able to stop at places like the Temple of Poseidon. The roads will take you north after that, towards Olympia and the ruins of Delphi.

5. The Unconventional Eastern Europe

There’s nothing quite like getting away from the hubbub of tourists and the normal sites that people visit in Europe, and if you have your smartphone you can still access internet gaming sites anywhere you please. Traveling through the countryside of Romania, Hungary and Austria will take you places that most tourists will never see. Start in Bucharest and head out along the Transfagarasan Highway and you won’t be sorry. The road winds its way up and down the sides of mountains, offering up spectacular views as you go. Then, it’s onto the more tranquil area that surrounds Budapest and finally, make your way to Vienna.