Amazing chronotype knowledge you need to know

Chronotype refers to the diversity of people. By this, we mean whether you a morning person or an evening person or somewhere in between. This simply testifies whether you are productive in the morning or in the evening. Your chronotype is likened to animals, so find out whether you are a bear, lion, wolf or a dolphin.

Bear chronotype

It is believed that half of the world’s population consists of bears. The nature of bears is that they are good sleepers. A normal bear day starts at 7 am and as soon as they wake up, they need to eat a protein dominant meal. Concentration-demanding tasks are usually carried in the morning and creative one in the afternoon. So if you follow this pattern then consider yourself a bear. Did you know that there are casinos named bears where people normal do mobile betting online.

Chronotype traits of a Lion

According to Dr. Michael Breus, most people fall under what he calls the ‘Lion envy’. This type of person likes to wake up and get going early. One thing to note is that lions’ energy starts flagging in Mid-day work. The first thing a lion needs to do is to eat and hydrate as soon as they wake up before planning the day. The lion’s morning is best spent on analytical tasks, the afternoon if for brainstorming and creative work.

Wolf Style

Wolves are typically night owls. They spend the morning gathering thoughts and planning the day. Taking a few minutes to relax as they play aussie pokies. They are quite energetic in the afternoon as that is when they pitch ideas to their bosses and interact with co-workers. Wolves’ type of people retires to bed around 12 midnight.


These types of people are likely to suffer from insomnia; they find it hard to sleep. Dolphins exercise first before taking any meal and dedicate the morning for brainstorming. Their energy levels rise in the afternoon that is when they get most commitments done. From the period of 7 pm to midnight a dolphin winds down the day. The trick is always to comply with your chronotype so as to increase your productivity levels.