Encouraging Your Elderly Relatives to Exercise

Health is important no matter how old you are. You may be concerned about your elderly relatives doing too much physical activity, as it might be a bit much for them. However, you would be amazed at how much good it can do them. They don’t have to sign up for a marathon or go to Zumba classes anytime soon. There’s lots of little things they can do to lead a healthier lifestyle – both in and outside of the home.

Keep Active

According to the NHS a large majority of adults over 65 spend 10 or more hours a day sitting down. This can lead to many health problems, especially heart issues and obesity. So it is recommended adults over the age of 65 get 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week. This covers a whole range of activities: walking quickly, aerobics, or cutting the grass. Whatever you get them doing, it will help them live a better life for longer.


A huge benefit of your elderly relatives leading active lifestyles is the fact they can maintain their independence. By exercising regularly, they keep their mobility and agility. If your elderly relative struggles getting up and about, there are still options for them to maintain their independence. Mobility Solutions have a great range of scooters, which can suit the exact needs of your elderly relative.


However far you’re willing to ensure the well-being of your loved ones, you can’t be there for them twenty-four, seven. A great way of ensuring your elderly relatives are getting a more active lifestyle is to enroll them in an exercise glass. Money doesn’t have to be an issue with this, either. You don’t have to pay for gym membership. Plenty of community halls offer exercise classes for all ages. They can get moving, and get meeting all sorts of new people. Or if they don’t want to join a class, you could offer to go on a walk with them. Not only does this benefit them health wise, but also it gives the two of you a great excuse to get together and spend some quality time with one another.


Another perk of increasing your elderly relative’s exercise routine is the fact it can give them a better routine. As previously stated, a large percentage of the over sixties are immobile for the majority of the day. By enforcing exercise it gives them something to do, and look forward to. Whether it’s going on a daily walk or a weekly exercise class, it gives them structure. Plus they’re much more likely to stick to the new-found routine once it becomes regular. They’re not going to miss out on exercise if it’s part of their go-to schedule.