Which Premier League Football Club has the Most Fans around the World?

The English Premier League is a popular football championship that comprises 20 clubs. A typical premier league season runs for 10 months. Each member club plays 38 matches constituting of away and home games. They play most matches during weekends. Punters get a betdaq bonus code when they wager on any English football team. In this post, we discuss Manchester United. It is the premier league club with the most fans worldwide.

Manchester United’s Fan Base

Currently, Manchester United is the largest English club. Their fan base has steadily grown over the years. Nevertheless, they have not won any premier league title recently despite having a strong social influence.

Factors such as a club’s engagement, fan base growth and size influences its Premier League rank. Manchester United has over 70 million fans on Facebook. They are 26 million more than those of Chelsea. Also, the club has a huge following on Instagram and Twitter.

How Manchester United Attracts a Huge Fan base

The English club doesn’t rely on its success in the stadiums to attract fans. Instead, they apply a relentless approach to build and widen their fan base. They do not focus on maintaining their lead. Besides having numerous resources, the club commits to constantly increase their fan base. Generally, their fans comprise 30 percent of Premier League social media fans. They have a 40 percent engagement share.

Manchester United is one of the two English Premier League clubs which don’t have an active YouTube channel. They have more than 2 million Facebook fans from the UK and 73 million Facebook fans worldwide. Each year, the club has over 250 million interactions through Facebook posts.

In 2017, they attracted 7 million new fans via Twitter. They were more than the total fans that all other Premier League clubs attracted that year. Moreover, United had 552 comments and likes on their Instagram posts.

In recent years, the club has steadily gained popularity in China. Weibo is a renowned social media platform with more users than Facebook in China. Manchester United has the most Weibo fans than all other football clubs. Their fan base growth rate is five times that of Manchester City.

The Premier League is the richest football championship globally. It attracts skilled players such as Sadio Mane, Romelo Lukaku and Eden Hazard. Although the football league is famous, different clubs have varying popularity. For instance, Manchester United has more social media fans than Arsenal. Also, they have won many English titles.