What are the best team building activities for work?

Team building is one of the greatest investments you can make for your company. Conflict is unavoidable, especially in a work environment. Although your employees are working towards a common goal, to grow your company, they also have personal goals that they are working towards. Competition among employees is great, but it can also be a great source of conflict. Team building helps employees learn how to work as a team and also how to communicate with each other effectively. Here are some of the best team-building exercises for work offered by Team Tactics.

Treasure hunt

This exercise is highly participative and not to mention extremely fun. It requires at least ten participants, and it can be tailored made to suit your company’s needs. Every team is given a mini iPad with a unique GPS app to help them undertake various treasure hunts across London. This is a great way to build team morale and encourage employees to communicate with one another effectively. You can also choose the apprentice charity treasure hunt, and decide on a charitable cause that you wish to donate to. Here is a list of the most successful charitable organisations in the UK to consider.

The bigger picture

Apart from being a great ice breaker, this exercise is excellent for teaching the importance of teamwork. The bigger picture involves re-creating a work of art. Every team member is given the task to create a piece of a small part of the main artwork. The small pieces are later joined together to make up the bigger picture. To complete this task, all team members need to work together and communicate with each other every step of the way. The final product is given to the team as a souvenir of their team-building exercise.

Corporate Cocktail Masterclass

Dare to try something different with the corporate cocktail masterclass. Treat your employees to a fun-filled afternoon out of the office as they learn and build on their team-building skills. This exercise involves four exercises that test a team’s creative and communication skills. The Mojito challenge requires every team to recreate a classic mojito while blindfolded. The apprentice challenge requires each group to create their signature cocktail. The pop quiz tests the group’s knowledge of what they were earlier taught through a quick-fire round of questions. Lastly, the stigchallenge allows individuals to show off their skills in the ultimate speed challenge.