Tips to Help Ensure Moving Day Goes As Planned

If you are planning to move home then preparation is the key to making sure that moving day runs smoothly and goes exactly as planned. My wife and I have moved no less than 3 times in the last 4 years, so it is fair to say that we are pretty experienced in the art of moving house. Once you have your moving day date, it is time for you to get some great movers and start your plans. Click here for the best team of movers, and once you have them lined up, here are some tips to help make your day run smooth. 

Call in the Troops
Even though you are going to have movers coming in to help you with the boxes, it is still essential that you have called in as many family and friends as you possibly can, in order to give you some help. Make sure that you have given everyone enough time to plan for the day, and move anything around that  they may have to. When the group are there, ensure that everyone knows what they are doing and that they have a job planned for them. Finally, don’t forget to keep your squad well fed and watered during the day. 
Marking Boxes
It is absolutely vital that you make sure to mark every box with where it will go in the new property and whether or not it has fragile goodsinside it. This is a simple job which is very easy to forget, but it is a job which is going to save you so much time at the other end. This will not only help with unpacking the boxes, it will also help to ensure that no fragile boxes get thrown around in transit. 
One Box
 When you get to the new place you are not going to be able to find anything that you need which is why t is important to make the golden box as we call it. This is one box with everything you’ll need for those first 24 hours. Pack in there bedding, pillows, cutlery, cleaning spray, a torch and we even put in  little bit of food for us and the dogs, snacks like these are great if you do have a pooch… This box is going to be a lifesaver, trust me.
If you do have kids then I would recommend that you do your best to get them into daycare or staying with a friend or family member. Kids cause disruption when you need it least and they don’t always have a full grasp of what is happening, which will cause you stress. Ensure that you have a clear run at this and that the kids arrive at the last minute to be take to the new place, doing this will make sure that you remain sane. 
Simple tips but they will make a big difference.