How the Party Started: A new website for EDM fans

Electronic dance music has been around for a very long time, more as an underground/alternative music scene rather than mainstream. However, the last few years has seen a dramatic rise in the production of and audience for EDM.

This rise in interest is mainly due to ‘super DJs’ such as Avicii, David Guetta and Calvin Harris, who have managed to get their music into the top of the pop charts frequently. This has resulted in a huge investment and expansion of an industry that is already values at around $6.9 billion.

So as a newb to the EDM stream, it can be fairly daunting (and boring) to try get scholarly about the EDM with regards to its genres, artists, history and lesser known intimacies. This is where How the Party Started (a new website for EDM fans) comes in.

What is it?

Check out a new website for EDM fans...

How the Party Started is a new and innovative interactive auxploration website which gives a quick and overall understanding on the origins of, the history and the current state of EDM. The site allows us to see the past, present and future of EDM and goes in depth in genres like drum and base and techno, which helped to push the EDM scene into the limelight.



It can be difficult to find new and unique artists in the genres of EDM, especially for new followers whose sole reference may be David Guetta. How the Party Started uses interactive maps to show users the way to new and exciting artists. The site features over 100 artists and every genre has a Spotify list that enables users to listen to the popular music, but also to find the rare and unique artists that they may have skipped over before.


The content on the site is excellent. Well researched and easily digestible, users can read about the history of their favourite genres, learn the ins and outs of their favourite artists and read comments from EDM game changers such as Jeremy Sylvester, who is an affiliate of Nice n Ripe Records.

How the Party Started is a new website, but one which will hopefully continue to grow. It’s an innovative and exciting way to get a look into the things that have made the EDM scene into what it is to do. It’s fun, simple to navigate and incredibly informative – in other words it’s a perfect platform for getting into the know about anything EDM.