The Definitive Guide for Luggage Essentials

Do you have to prepare the suitcase to travel and do not know where to start? You cannot help feeling like you’re forgetting something?


Don’t worry and don’t feel overwhelmed! In most cases even if you do end up forgetting something, there are very good chances that you can find a replacement at your destination. However, there are objects that are irreplaceable and you must not forget from your luggage. Here’s a list of indispensable things to take with you on most trips!


The first thing to do is check with your airline and make sure how many bags you can take with you, what weight and size. Secondly, it’s a good idea to always keep valuables on you but distribute them among the bag you’re carrying with you, your pockets, wallet, etc. In this category belong your legal documents, money and possible medication.

Remember, if you take liquids in your hand luggage, they may not exceed 100 ml. If you don’t respect this rule you might have to throw them away during the luggage control.

In some rare cases during direct flights you might be asked to turn on electronic devices such a laptop or tablet. Thus it is very important that carry them fully charged to the airport.

The most important object of all is your documentation, passport or ID. If you have both it is recommended to have both with you. It’s needless to say that without these you can’t travel. Depending on the airline, you might need to print your boarding pass, especially if you book and checked in online. Even if this is not obligatory it is probably still worth doing as it can save you some time at the airport.

Print and keep with you the address and a photocopy of your accommodation booking. When you travel to a city that you’ve never been to before it’s easy to get lost. With the above photocopies you’ll be able to find your way to your chosen hotel or hostel easily. It also makes it easier to communicate with the reception of your hotel as you only need to show them this document.

Finally, it is crucial to keep with your any health insurance and medical necessities you may have. If you’re on medication keep it with you and if you have a card that covers your insurance in foreign countries always keep it with you. As they say, better safe than sorry!


Clothing is no problem if you’re traveling to a city because you can find almost everything in them. However, if you’re traveling to a destination far away from civilization you may want to prepare a wish lyst of things you’ll need. The key factors in your decision are climate, temperature and altitude. If you’re expecting rain you’ll want to take jackets and raincoats with you. If you’re heading to a warm destination, you’ll want to take your most comfortable summer clothes.


It is recommended to have wet wipes with your and possibly soap and other disinfectants. Regardless of where you’re staying, you need these essentials to make sure you are healthy for your trip and get to enjoy it just the way it’s meant to be enjoyed!