Things to Know and Do to Make Your Trip to Sweden Wonderful

Are you planning a vacation trip to Sweden and want to make sure that you have the best possible time?

This Nordic country is a world leader, has a history and customs all its own, and preparing yourself with the right knowledge about the country, and what you can do there, will go a long way in making sure that you have a wonderful vacation there. With this in mind, here are some tips for you. 

Learn about the History of the Country 

One way to ensure that you have a great time in Sweden is to familiarize yourself with Swedish culture and social norms. You can find amazing information online about the history of the country and how it became and maintains its status as one of the world’s safest, fun, and most desirable countries.  

Spend some time on the internet and learn all you can about Sweden’s glorious history which dates back thousands of years to the Vikings who ruled northern Europe and were some of the world’s first great explorers. From that time to this Sweden has gone through many eras. Some were punctuated by wars and others by booming growth times. 

You can see all of this history displayed today in museums and galleries around the country. Some of the highlights in Sweden’s capital Stockholm include The Royal Palace in Old Town and Skansen a beautiful open-air museum which has a zoo and a collection of 19th century buildings and settings from all around the country. Use this information to make plans to visit the best cultural sites during your vacation to Sweden.  

Pickled Herring

Swedes love their pickled Herring so plan on seeing it often when you are there. It is prepared in several different ways and can be ordered at nearly any restaurant. If you want to look and act like a Swede, order it while you are there.


Many Swedes also love snus which are loose or pouched tobacco that is placed beneath the upper lip. You can buy snus in lots of different flavours. And, because it is not lit there is no harmful smoke and can be enjoyed anywhere. If you would like to try smus, go for the pouch type because it is so easy to use.

Great Activities in Sweden

There are many beautiful lakes and camping opportunities throughout the country, During the winter months there is skiing and snowboarding at one of several ski areas in the country the most popular places are Åre near Östersund and Sälen in south central Sweden which is perfect for families.

Sweden has several beautiful islands for you to visit off its coast. You can get around the country easily because there is fantastic public transportation and if you choose to drive, all the key places are marked and easy to identify.

There is Lots for Kids to Do in Sweden

Sweden is a great family vacation because there is so much for the kids to do. In addition to the open air Skansen Museum mentioned above, there is the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of technology as well. Check out Kolmarden which is the largest wildlife park in Scandinavia. In terms of amusement parks Sweden has several great ones including Loseberg and Grona Lund. Each provides all day fun for young people.

Remember when you visit that Sweden leads the world in recycling so be sure to put the right trash in the correct bin and if you find yourself in a cue, you should know that Swedes are sticklers for proper cueing. So please do not cut the line. 

Whether you are planning a family vacation or going as a couple to have some fun, Sweden is a great vacation destination.