Strange Wedding Traditions and their Backgrounds

Weddings are regarded as high value in cultures all over the world. Weddings are unions between two people. There are a lot of traditions that have been going on for decades around the world. There are so many bizarre traditions that still happen around the world that we are going to look at in thi9s article.

Freezing the Top of the Cake

 Freezing of the top of the cake has roots in pragmatism. It was beloved that you would save money because you will still have the cake at the christening of your child.

Disturbing the New Bride and Groom

This is a practice that has roots in the medieval era. It is still practiced to date; newlyweds are disturbed on their wedding night.

Carrying the Bride Across the Threshold

This was widely practiced in Western Europe throughout history. They believed that carrying the bride would chase away evil spirits. This tradition is still being practiced to date.

Destroying the Wedding Dress

It is bizarre for someone to destroy the dress that they have paid for however that is happening. This is a modern practice that has no roots anywhere.  It is real money casinos good though when it is done in a nice way, you will have some memorable pictures.

Not Seeing the Bride Before the Wedding

It is very popular and it i0s still being practiced to date.  It is said to have its roots in the days of arranged marriage when grooms did not know who they were marrying.  They believed if you see the bride you would dislike them and end the wedding.

Something New, Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Something new, something old, something borrowed, something blue has roots in the UK. It is still very popular to date just like newzealandcasinos online pokies and other games .

Bridesmaids Matching Brides

This tradition has roots in Rome. Bridesmaids wear matching outfits with the bride. This tradition was made to confuse evil spirits, they would not know who to attack.