5 Ways to Get Young Ones Interested in Team Sports

There are many Ways to Get Young Ones Interested in Team Sports

Photo by CC user Tysto on Wikimedia Commons

If you have kids, are they already showing an interest in team sports?

For millions of parents, the decision as to how soon to turn their little ones into sports fans comes with much thinking. In some instances, they may steer them clear of following sports altogether.

While there is technically no right or wrong, the decision to let your kids follow team sports at a young age depends on a number of factors.

First and foremost, do they have an interest in them as you watch on television and/or go to games? If they don’t seem all that excited about them, do not try and push them into watching such events. It is always best to let your son or daughter gravitate towards following sports when they are willing and able to.

That said how can you go about getting the young interested in team sports when they appear wanting to follow?

Television and Jerseys to Start

For starters, knowing when your child or children are interested in team sports can be tricky?

Like most kids, your son or daughter may show initial interest in watching a game on TV or attending a sporting event with you. Before long, however, that interest can be gone rather quickly.

Keep the following five tips in mind as you try and get your young ones interested in team sports:

  1. Watching on TV – It isn’t unusual to find Dad on the couch watching a football game or some other sporting event on the weekends. If your child wants to spend some time with you doing just that, by all means let him or her join you. Not only is it good father-child time together, it can also spur their interest in the games. If you can’t locate a good game on that day, consider popping a team sports DVD in and share that together;
  2. Wearing sports clothing – Whether they see you wearing something from your favorite team or some of their playmates in the neighborhood or at school do (see more below), sports clothes can be quite attractive. If buying team jerseys and other sports apparel makes them happy and increases their sports interests, by all means do it.

Finding the Right Time to Attend Their First Event

  1. Attending a sporting event – The first game together between parent and child is always one to cherish and remember. He or she will typically have eyes the size of saucers when all is said and done. Yes, some kids go to such events and end up taking an early nap; all the more reason to wait until they are old enough to enjoy the event;
  2. Turning to the Internet – For many families, computers are a huge part of their lives in 2016. From desktops and laptops to mobile devices, you can share sporting moments with your children this way too. While you do not want your child becoming a computer junkie, there are countless hours of team sports online, not to mention information from team websites. All professional and collegiate teams have websites, sites that are chock-full of videos and information for all to enjoy;
  3. Hanging out with friends – Lastly, how many friends does your child have? If he or she is like most kids, they have a few they regularly hang around with. As such, your child may have an offer to attend a sporting event with his or her buddy and their parents. By all means, let them go and enjoy the day. Not only will they likely become more interested in the games themselves, but it is great bonding time with friends.

Planting the Sporting Seeds

Before long, you may come to the conclusion that you have a budding athlete or two in the family.

If that ends up being the case, by all means celebrate the fact.

From watching team sports to ultimately playing them, your children will grow up with learning to be part of a unit.

Heck, they very well may have fun at the same time, later passing it along to their children.