Summer of Sport: Top Destinations for Budding Athletes

As the summer season gets underway, people across the world will know it signals the start of one very important period in the annual calendar: the sport season! You’ve got your new gear from, now read on where to use it!

Vacation Golfing

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

If British Wimbledon or the Investec Ashes have got you inspired to get active then take a look at these top destinations for budding athletes:

Portugal: a golfer’s paradise

First up in our sporting destinations list is Portugal – the home of world-class golf courses. Whilst there may only be around 70 courses in the whole country, what you’ll find here is unbeatable facilities and spectacular views that really add something unique to your experience.

If you fancy taking a putt on a green that overlooks a stunning coastal location then Portugal is most definitely the choice for you. Consistently good weather means you don’t have to worry about interference from Mother Nature either and the sun is always shining – even if your score card is not.

The Alps: a skiers dream

For the exhilaration of winter sports, head to the Alps for a skiers dream. Covering approximately 11 per cent of the surface of the European continent, branches of this fantastic mountain range cover France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Croatia and even Slovenia which means there are plenty of destinations on offer – most of which boast world-class skiing.

If you’re interested in a holiday with a little more room for customisation, head to better-known resorts for snowboarding facilities and more varied activities. Additional options like snow hiking and sledging might also be available so keep an eye out for these if it is something you’re interested in.

Florida: a fisherman’s catch

Last, but by no means least, Florida is indisputably the fishing capital of the world. Perhaps the reason for its popularity is the vast array of fishing venues which are available on the state’s 7,700 lakes and 10,550 miles of rivers. There’s even 2,276 miles of shoreline for those who want to try their luck at deep sea fishing.

Even back in 2006 Florida had racked up 46.3 million days of recreational fishing with 885,000 non-resident fishermen – the highest figure in the USA – and this certainly puts it on any anglers map. As such a thriving coastal area, water sports are also prolific in Florida offering even more opportunity for sports fans.

Planning the perfect sporting holiday

If you’re planning to take a sport-themed holiday this year then you need to make sure you make the necessary preparations. Check with your chosen resort to see if equipment is available for hire or whether you need to take your own but spare a thought for any luggage restrictions you might encounter at airports to protect against unnecessary delays.

You may also want to look for a luxury resort which offers you the chance to wind down after a long day of exertion. You can find luxury 5T /5* breaks with Club Med to a range of destinations, including those mentioned above, all of which boast impressive resorts which combine top quality facilities with indulgent spa retreats and other luxurious options.