Trident Society on the Four Thins to Be Aware of When Planning a Cremation Service

If you can, then you should consider planning your funeral or cremation service ahead of time. This will save the loved ones you leave behind a lot of time and difficulties, allowing them to focus on their grief. Trident Society understands how overwhelming it can be for people to make these arrangements for others, to have to manage the strong emotions that are involved, but also all the other elements, such as insurances, savings, investments, finances, and more. This is why the Trident Society believes everyone should follow the next four points and have arrangements in place as early as possible.

4 Trident Society Points to Planning a Cremation Service

  1. Know what your options are. Whether you choose a cremation or a burial, the ceremony is a final reflection of you and who you were. There are no two such ceremonies that are exactly the same. You are encouraged to engage and involve your friends and family members, to have readings, to play music, and to share videos and photographs. By making these arrangements while you are still there, you will have the opportunity to create a ceremony that you feel is right for you.
  2. Document your wishes as much as possible. Writing a will, a living will, and/or purchasing an urn are all important issues. However, doing this only states what you want to happen with your finances after you die, what you want to happen during certain medical situations, and what you want your ashes to be kept in. This means the cremation service itself has not been arranged, and that there is no clarity on your wishes at all. Write down all of your wishes and keep copies of this, making sure that your notary has one copy, but also anyone who will be involved in making the arrangements after you die.
  3. Discuss the decisions you have made. Nobody likes to talk about death, and it is very uncomfortable, but it is also very important. And it is better to have that conversation when the undertone is not one of sadness and loss. If you have that conversation early, then, when your passing does happen, they will know they are doing right by you as well.
  4. Consider the cost. This is a final thing to remember. Cremations and funerals are quite costly and exactly how much they cost varies. Don’t be ashamed to speak to different providers in order to find out what the costs are. And if you find one with a reasonable rate, consider paying for it in advance. Doing so means you protect yourself from inflation and that there are no concerns about where the money will come from.

With the following four tips, you can ensure that you have the cremation service that you want, and that you spare your loved ones a great deal of heartache and difficulty when the time of your passing does finally come.