Top 7 Benefits of Keeping Indoor Plants in Any House

Benefits of Keeping Indoor Plants

House plants do a lot more than just beautifying the indoor space. They also bring several physical and mental benefits for you, which are indispensable in modern times where unhealthy lifestyle is disturbing the quality of life and health conditions of an individual.

The house plants will definitely reduce stress and boost your mood and will give you a number of other benefits. Know about these benefits and improve your quality of living. Take the guide:

1. Brighter Home

Indoor plants grow in any climate, from hot and humid beach houses to bone-chilling mountains. Provided proper care is taken; indoor plants can thrive anywhere. In cities, they thrive in the standard room temperature. They add life to the house they are placed in and also paint a beautiful picture by splashing the canvas of your home with colours.  

2. Improved Air Quality

Breathing quality indoor air is essential for good health. These days, due to continuous construction work as well as an increasing number of vehicles throughout the world, the air quality is deteriorating. At some places, the Air Quality Index is 300+, which should have been not more than 50. To keep the house free from bad air quality, indoor plants are of utmost importance. They are the essential natural products that can save your precious lungs.

3. Addition Of Fresh Oxygen

Oxygen is the most important constituent for healthy lungs. Although, one cannot breathe pure oxygen for long, fresh air is the source of one’s new and active lifestyle which contains mainly oxygen as it’s constituent apart from other elements. Indoor plants remove carbon dioxide and circulate oxygen into the air in your house, removing the toxins and purifying the air.

4. Enhanced Memory

A team of psychologists at Northumbria University, Newcastle did research on rosemary plant and found out that it improves the memory by 75%. Even Shakespeare had quoted that sniffing rosemary can improve your memory. Not only rosemary but other indoor plants like peppermint, sage, turmeric, thyme, kale, ginkgo and many others have been researched upon and have been proven to enhance the memory of individuals.

5. Pain Tolerance

A research conducted in 2010 by the University of Kansas for horticulture therapy supports the fact that the mere presence of indoor plants can curb the pain of an individual. This research found that the patients who had indoor plants in their room needed lesser pain medications for their ailments. Imagine the “magic” indoor plants can do to your house.

6. Improved Humidity

It is proved by the National Air and Space Administration (NASA) that there are certain high transpiration plants that can improve the air quality by removing 87% of air pollutants in 24 hours. One can use succulent plants, peace lily, English ivy or spider plants to increase the humidity in their house and remove the common health complaints which include sore throat, dry cough, common cold, dry (itchy) skin.

7. Improved Focus

In research conducted by Texas A&M University, workers in a room with two potted plants and a bouquet of flowers generated 13% more ideas than workers in a room full of sculptures. It is a proven fact that when the mind is de-stressed, and the body is fresh, the focus of any individual increases and best results are achieved.

If you feel the above benefits are something that is required in the lives of your near and dear ones or even if they are required for you, get some indoor plants and increase the greenery in your life while decreasing the tensions you have.