Career options for an MBA student with specialization in Finance

It is said that best things in your life come for free. However, the actual fact is that money is powerful and entire world respects people who are financially strong. But the question that arises here is “How do you take correct financial decisions in a constantly changing condition? The answer to this question is that it is the Finance professionals who actually help an organization to take major decisions related to finance.

As a Finance student you have the option of choosing your Finance career out of three major categories of Finance- personal, corporate and public finance. Most of the organizations do realize that assets of the company have to be properly managed and it is for this reason that they always prefer hiring financial managers and financial analysts.

Proper guidance of these finance professionals helps an organization to properly manage financial aspects of an organization.

What is the Educational qualification required to pursue a career in Finance?

In order to pursue a career in Finance the first step is to earn a Bachelor’s degree in this subject. Studying Finance at the graduation level will help you clearly understand various concepts related to Finance including Financial Management. Pursuing an MBA will give you an edge as you apply for finance jobs in San Francisco or in any location you prefer to work for. Apart from this you will also be able to develop your interpersonal skills and improve your technological expertise. After graduation you can pursue Masters in Business Administration where you can specialize in Finance. If you want you can search about MBA programs available.

What are the different job categories available for a Finance professional?

  • Personal Finance

According to the Financial Planning Standard Board there are six major areas related to personal finance. If you are into personal finance then you help individuals in taking decisions regarding their personal activities. You guide them in matters related to investment and savings.

  • Corporate Finance

Corporate finance managers are responsible for studying and forecasting economic trends in the market. They also try balancing the risk as well as profitability of a particular organization. These managers review financial reports of the organization and find out ways that will help the organization to earn better revenues. They also guide the organization in a way that will help them in increasing the value of their stock. They also manage financial risks by applying appropriate principles. These managers are the ones who try to arrange funds to undertake various business activities of the organization. They also manage the funds and the investment portfolio of an organization. You can also get to know about MBA specializations online.

  • Public Finance

Financial analysts dealing with financial matters related to different public entities including various government agencies and school districts are referred to as Public financial analysts.

It is quite clear from the above discussion that financial students have excellent job options. They have opportunities to work in insurance sector as well as investment banking sector of the reputed banks. They are also hired by companies that deal with shares and equities.

If you properly focus in your studies and are able to get good grades in the examination then you will surely have a bright career ahead. If you join the American Bankers Association or the Association for Financial Professionals then you will surely be able to direct your career in the right direction. Since most of the organizations have a Finance sector, so you can opt for a job in any of these sectors.