How Does the Interior Design of Your Home Affect Your Mood?

It’s well-known fact that the look and feel of a space that we’re in can have an overwhelming effect on our mood. 

But just what elements of your home may be influencing your mood, and why?

We take a look below: 


Colors are hugely important for how we feel – you only need to ask interior designers about this to know it’s true.

For example, subtle colors that are enhanced by soft lighting and comfortable chairs emulate a welcoming vibe – ideal for waiting areas or restaurants. On the other hand, harsh lighting, hard chairs and bright colors can make the space feel as though it’s a short-term place to sit in and that you don’t want to hang around. 

Each color brings a different mood with it too. For instance, yellow is associated with sunshine and happiness, blue with tranquillity, red with passion, purple with luxuriousness, orange with energy, green with nature and grey with serenity. 

Therefore, colors should be chosen carefully and matched with the vibe you want to create within a room. 


Ultimately, your furniture is a reflection of your personality and taste, they are an extension of you as a person. That’s why you’ll be drawn to certain designs over others and may stick to things that are part of your heritage and culture. 

Therefore, your chairs, dining table, sofa and other key pieces of furniture and seating are crucial to the overall impact of your living space. Look for on-trend items that evoke a touch of your individualism – places like Cox & Cox are great for this. 

You should also consider where you’re putting your seats. Those that are against the wall may stop people from socializing while ones facing each other encourage conversation. 


You’ve got the right color and you’ve chosen the right layout for your home. Now, it’s all about unifying this look and feel with your lighting. 

Dimmable lights are great for alternating the ambiance in your home. Dim, subtle lights are perfect for inducing a relaxing feel, making them perfect for parties where you want people to unwind and chat among themselves. 

However, don’t forget about natural lighting, too, as this is just as important, if not more so. 

Sunlight breeds productivity, making it a must in studios, offices and other workspaces. It’s also a good idea to flood as much natural light into the rest of your home as possible, as areas that lack this can be quite depressive and uninspiring. 

Boosting Your Well-Being 

Overall, a home that makes you feel good is going to do wonders for your general well-being and health. So while you may opt for a certain color because it’s one of your favorites, it’s important to think about how this is going to be reflected in your mood and the feel of the room. 

Choose harmonious colors, furniture and lighting for each room to make sure they have a positive impact on your mood.