The Benefits of a Private School Education

The Benefits of a Private School Education cannot be overstated.

Photo by CC user Neutrality on Wikimedia Commons

Although there are many excellent public schools in the United States, students like Alexander Potoczak value the education they have received at private schools. Private schools are able to control certain aspects of the education programs they offer in ways that are not available in the public system. Private schools are not necessarily the best option for all students, but here are some of the features of private schools that may make private education a good choice for you or your child.

Controlled Class Sizes

Now matter how skilled and dedicated the teacher, class size will affect the ability of the teacher to dedicate time to individual students. Not only does this allow teachers to provide more support to each student’s learning style with one-on-one time, it also allows teachers to fine tune assignments and remedial work that in a way that simply isn’t possible when a single teacher is trying to balance the needs of many students in a larger classroom.

Academic Excellence

Private schools are able to attract top students, but academic excellence is also related to their ability to attract (and remunerate) top teachers as well. Combined with the smaller class sizes in private schools, teachers and students alike are better able to strive for excellence. Private schools are also able to invest in technology to support cutting-edge learning. Private schools tend to have academic requirements that go beyond those found in a typical public school setting, including community service requirements, language and math requirements, and more. Additionally, programs such as the International Baccalaureate program tend not to be available in public schools.

Effective Discipline

While teachers in public schools often have no recourse when it comes to disruptive or counter-productive students in the classroom, private schools have a greater ability to discipline or expel students who compromise the learning opportunities of other students. At the same time, private schools may have more resources in place to support students who are dealing with learning disabilities or behavioral issues so that expulsion becomes a last option.

Specialized Education

For students who have special needs, private schools may be the only option to ensure that they receive an education that is tailored to their abilities. This includes children with dyslexia, ADHD or physical conditions that make a traditional classroom setting unsuitable. Private schools are also a way to integrate religious beliefs into a child’s education – public schools are prevented by law from offering religious instruction, whereas private schools are not bound in this way.

Sports Programs

While public schools are being forced by declining budgets to reduce or even completely eliminate sports programs, private schools are able to provide robust sports activities as a part of their curricula and after-school activities. Historically, many private schools have strong sports traditions and cultures, and have committed to these in an ongoing way.

It is certainly the case that the public school system is excellent, as evidenced every year by the exceptional students that graduate every year. At the same time, these are some of the features of private schools that may be right for you or your child.