3 most versatile college degrees

In recent years, there has been a debate on college degrees. For example, are you pursuing a useful or a useless degree? How do you know that a four or five-year course is going to make a difference in your life after graduating? Also, how does the job market align with the course you want to pursue in college?

Well, questions regarding college degrees are many but when it comes to choosing a career path, it is imperative that students pick a program that isn’t just marketable. Versatility of a college degree is equally important. It is all about career flexibility allowing job seekers to explore other offers in the employment world without necessarily sticking to their degree qualifications.

Now, here is the catch. Apart from seeking help from Weekly Essay to help with crafting a top level resume and a job application letter, how else do you go about determining whether a degree program is versatile? The truth is that most colleges equip students with such vital information. But on your part, it is important to weigh into the following before choosing a degree program or making a career choice:

  • Job market trends play significance in helping students choose a course.

  • Technology is here to stay and its influence on today’s job market cannot be understated. From marketing, communications, law, organizational management to any other career, most jobs align with technology. Therefore, when choosing a degree program, find out if there is an IT option.

  • In-demand skills are another factor to consider when choosing a college degree. While highly valuable skills needed for the job market keep changing, it is imperative to note that it takes some years. Therefore, when choosing a course to pursue, go for something that will not only allow you to flex into other jobs but also make you the most sought-after human resource.

Thus, far, let’s take a look at top three most versatile college degree programs.

  1. Computer Science

While most students at the onset of their degrees believe that a degree in computer science means the only place to work is the IT sector, it is not the case. It should, therefore, interest you to note that given the age we live in, and that every business needs technology and information to thrive in a competitive world, skills of computer scientists fit anywhere in the job market.

Whether in government departments, retail sector, education, farming, tourism or industrial, computer science would pass as the most versatile college degree in the world today.

  1. Education

For many years now, education has been one of the most versatile degree courses globally and it remains so. However, skills of a teacher such as presentation, analysis, organizational skills, mentorship, guidance and counselling, coordination and among others are important everywhere. It all boils down to being able to work with different people, adopt to varying organizational cultures and leadership skills.

  1. Business administration

Business administration is another degree that is practical everywhere. Given that students who pursue it cultivate skills and knowledge in areas such as accounting, information systems, management, marketing and law, you would agree anyone who graduates with a degree in this course is a vital resource in most places.

The bottom Line

Versatility is what the job market needs and it all starts with pursuing the right program in college or university. Apart from the courses explored in this post, math and engineering, most studies point out, also allow employees to flex into other fields of expertise. All you have to do is make you to cultivate as most in-demand skills as necessary.